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Her passive-aggressive boyfriend

Fast forward to my birthday, and he ignored me. Not a word. He didn’t message me.

love letters by meredith goldstein

Was it casual sex ... or more?

I thought the whole situation would take less than an hour. That would have been perfectly nice, especially considering the place I am in my life right now.

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Grilled Cheese, Draco, and other chapters from the new Love Letters book

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re revealing the chapter titles for “Can’t Help Myself: Lessons & Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist,” the Love Letters book.

She hasn’t seen him in two months

I have had about 10 e-mails from him in that time period.

Colleen Hoover is among many writers to set a romance novel in Boston.

I love romance novels. Just not ones set in Boston

I’ve always hoped I could see my own city as a place for romance. With that in mind, I approached writers who’ve set stories here in the hopes that they can tell me how.

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‘I’m just not happy being married to her’

I feel like the most vile person on Earth because I’m hurting my wife so much with my desire to move on from our relationship.

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My old high school sweetheart has feelings for me, and her husband

She also says I’m being selfish because I want space and she doesn’t. What do I do?

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Should she break up with her boyfriend?

In explaining what did happen, I realized I do have feelings for my friend.

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Ready to date a friend

We’ve even earned nicknames from our friends because we’re always together. We did a joint costume for Halloween (it was really cute).

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‘She’s not sure if there’s a spark’

My question is: Why would she initiate the idea of giving dating a serious try and then so quickly become hesitant and want to simply be friends without even going on a date?

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Should she leave her boyfriend for a man she met on vacation?

He made me feel empowered and free; it’s not that I don’t feel those things with my actual boyfriend – I love him dearly – but it’s just different.

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Does he have to tell one woman about the other?

I chose to go back to Kelly, but I still talk to Danielle.

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We live together . . . but his family doesn’t know

He keeps saying it’s not the right time, but . . . when will it ever be the right time?

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Living with his ex, in love with someone new

Recently, I’ve met someone who is amazing, makes me feel wonderful, and truly cares about me in every way.

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My boyfriend broke up with me by text

Three months later, he’s had a change of heart. Can I trust him?

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We renovated the house — and then he broke up with me

I really love him, and the fact that he broke up with me after we had renovated the house together was even more painful.


After five years, he’s the same guy

“Back when I was 20 . . . I didn’t care that he didn’t really have any goals in life.”

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‘I’m going broke trying to keep us afloat’

The apartment is expensive and has put a financial strain on both of us. I have a better job than my partner so I pay more than half of the rent.

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He needs to have a backbone with his family

The issue is his family HATES me and the fact that we are together. They are extremely racist and will never accept me, my biracial children, or the age difference.

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We have a toddler and live with my partner’s parents. I’ve had enough

I pay the bills, he saves his money for a house. But we’re not getting anywhere.

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I’m the single friend — and I’m unhappy

“Over the past few years, I have started getting very sad after friends’ weddings, when they announce pregnancies, when their kids have birthdays, etc.”

love letters by meredith goldstein

No answers. No explanations. Just gone.

What should I do? No answers. No explanation. Just POOF! Gone.

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I think my fiance puts his family before me, and it’s a problem

She dropped everything when one of his parents was hospitalized. But she can’t get his attention now that one of hers is ill.

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Hooked up twice (in a year)

I really feel like he might be the one. The issue comes when I try to take it from this confusing middle ground to dating or exclusivity.

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This friend would like more benefits

“We just didn’t know about each other’s feelings, and only realized once it was too late.”

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What should I tell his ex-girlfriend?

He and I still have the exact same relationship: best friends with benefits, talking all day every day, etc. And he still hasn’t told her the truth.

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I ducked his kiss on our first date, and now he’s not returning my texts

He said it was a great first date, but won’t respond about a second one. Was it my aversion to smooching?

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‘I understand privacy is privacy, but. . .’

I share everything with him — I am 100 percent honest with him because of his previous trust issues.

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‘Should I give up trying’

We saw each other over Thanksgiving break and it felt so normal and right. We wanted to work on things, and he told me he loved me.

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Is it really over?

When he returned at the end of August, he was uncharacteristically distant. I asked him what he was feeling, and he came back with answers about how he was trying to figure out his finances.

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After seven weeks should she relocate to be near him?

My son and I just did a huge interstate move last winter and he is happy where he is. But my boyfriend wants us to move to be with him.

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Is my snooping causing our problems, or is he just untrustworthy?

Her boyfriend says she’s causing conflict by checking his phone, and she’s starting to believe him.

The most popular Love Letters of 2017

What do the most popular letters in an advice column about relationships say about 2017?

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Am I being strung along?

I’m OK with being single for now, but I’m worried that I may be pining for a man who will never love me the way he used to.

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She has nightmares about being abandoned by him

“I also have moments of vulnerability where I wonder if I will feel the same shock and heartbreak that I have felt in the past.”

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He hasn’t replied about Christmas

Recently she texted him about whether he would be free over Christmas and it took him a week to reply.

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‘Is he just a cheating time bomb waiting to happen?’

One day, he left his phone out and I couldn’t help myself.

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He’s still wearing his Claddagh ring — pointed toward him

We are on OK terms, still see each other frequently, and text almost every other day. He still wears his Claddagh ring. Pointed toward his wrist.

Esther Perel.


Catching up with Esther Perel in Boston

The famous couples therapist, who has a new book on affairs and a second season of a podcast, chatted about relationship issues with the Globe’s advice columnist.

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I want more kids, but I haven’t been faithful to my husband

She wants more children, but she’s conflicted over whether or not she should stay with her husband.

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How to get dates after college

I think I’m a dateable person; there are certainly more attractive and charming gentlemen out there, but I believe I have things to offer.

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Her mother hates him

“I don’t really know what to do, because my ex-girlfriend wants to come visit me and have fun as friends, but her mom simply won’t allow it.”

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She refers to her late boyfriend as her current ‘boyfriend’

She has said that her “boyfriend” would approve of me and that he is happy for her.

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Her ex is up for a ‘booty call,’ but she wants more

They split over her drinking, and now he says he can’t commit to more than dinner and hooking up.

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We slept together over Thanksgiving

“I know, I’m an idiot.”

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She didn’t want to host Thanksgiving

But he invited his family anyway.

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They are dealing with the fallout of an STI

I have been in a relationship with a wonderful woman for a year. However, I recently found out that she passed a permanent STI to me (she did not know she had it), and it has left me reeling.

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She asked for some space. Is writing her a letter a bad idea?

He’s filled with regrets. He wrote a letter of apology and commitment. Should he send it?

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Seven-year affair gives her ‘50 Shades’ of excitement

My close friends who know of this claim he is a narcissist and just using me to make himself feel good. But I just can’t quit him.

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Rejected at the gym

“The next time I saw him he was very friendly, but I pretended to be indifferent. The time after that, he noticed my presence and started flirting with other women.”