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The tour includes a morning news meeting where you’ll hear Globe editors plan out the day’s coverage and next day’s newspaper, followed by a Q&A with a senior editor.

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Dina Rudick


Globe Insiders video: The Back Story

The Back Story is a new video series where Globe journalists tell the stories behind their stories. Exclusively on, it is hosted by photographer and multimedia journalist Dina Rudick.

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September 15, 1979: Mickey Pendleton of Lisbon, CT urged his draft team on in the weight pull. The competition among the draft horses went to the team who could pull the most weight the furthest. Pendelton’s horse Ready weighed 1485 pounds and Daniel weighed 1490. They finished in third place as they pulled 10,350 pounds for 41 inches.

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The Big E

The Eastern States Exposition, known as The Big E, first opened to 138,000 people in 1917 in West Springfield.