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Bruno gains his revenge in Fenway wrestling event

Over 17,000 at Fenway Park were on their feet screaming, chanting, hollering. The platinum blonde and her 30-year-old daughter, in matching American flag pant suits, were in tears.

Plodding around the ring - the champion of the world - Bruno Sammartino. In the ring, being lifted onto a stretcher, the loser - the villain - Killer Kowalski.

Everyone had come to see Bruno, the terror of the North End, pummel the Killer in the heralded showdown stretcher match. Bruno had the champion’s belt, and the Killer was dead.


Referees Tom McNeeley and John Stanley tried to carry the Killer out of the ring on the stretcher, but the huge terror rolled off onto the infield grass and, lo and behold, with beer being poured on him by the hysterical fans, he climbed back into the ring for a last attack.

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Naturally, it fell short.

The Killer had gotten his jump on Bruno early. When Bruno was escorted to the ring by his entourage, Killer was waiting for him and launched a brutal sneak attack, eventually breaking out his feared claw hold.

It looked bad for the hero, but Bruno broke loose. He rallied, applied his famed bear hold and the Killer was going fast. The crowd pushed towards the ring, sensing the kill. They were like children at a Saturday matinee.

When the Killer tried his dirty chair trick, Bruno took it away and clubbed him until he couldn’t stand. With the “Killer’s a bum!” ringing out in the night, the fans went berserk.


The Sammartino Championship fight wasn’t the only spectacular. Good, clean Dom DeNucci pinned the terrible Lou Albano, who kept using illegal tape to rub the victor’s eyes.

It that didn’t infuriate the very boisterous woman in back of the press table enough, the Baron Sicluna brought his can opener wrapped in tape out to ruin the handsome Antonia Pugliese. “That guy’s tried that before,” he said. “You’d think he’d learn by now.”

Naturally the handsome Pugliese won.