Bruins raising season-ticket prices

Bruins season ticket-holders will be eligible to renew their 2012-13 seats starting today.

According to the team, seats will go up by an average of $5.25 for next season. Amy Latimer, senior vice president of sales and marketing, said season tickets will be capped at 12,000 seats, which is this season’s ceiling as well.

According to Shaun Vigeant, a fourth-year season ticket-holder, the price of his balcony seats will rise from $32 apiece this season to $52.50 in 2012-13. Vigeant, who lives in Melrose, will renew, but said he had to think about it.


“I love being a season ticket-holder,’’ Vigeant wrote in an e-mail. “But an increase like this is really outrageous to me and warrants a serious explanation.’’