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Golf tip of the week: Buying new clubs

Jerry Marcus of Canton sent in the following question: “I’m a 13 handicap and looking to replace my set of clubs for the first time in 25 years. But I’m overwhelmed with all the choices and don’t even know where to start. Any suggestions?’’

Mark Petrucci, a PGA professional and the manager at Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Shop and Joe & Leigh’s Golf Performance Center in Easton, responds:

“Thanks for the great question, Jerry. It can be very overwhelming looking for a new set of clubs. Golfers should look at a new club purchase as a multistep process. The first step is determining what category of clubs would be best for your game. By watching you hit some balls and talking about your game and goals, we would be able to recommend a category of clubs that would be best for you. Finding the right category of club (performance, game improvement, or super game improvement) will narrow selection and move the process along.


“Once the category is determined, try some different models in that category. Hitting balls will allow you to eliminate models that do not look, feel, or perform the way you would like. Once you have narrowed down the models to a couple, spend some additional time comparing the clubs to find out what model works best for you.

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“Once a model is chosen, the last step is to get fit for the clubs. A proper club fitting will ensure that the length, shaft, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip are fitted for your swing. If you are using clubs that do not fit you correctly, it could negatively influence the ball flight and performance.

“Always remember to enjoy the process, since the ultimate goal is to improve your game, and have more fun.’’

Joe & Leigh’s has been named among the “Top 100 Pro Shops in the Country’’ 19 times, and also has been listed as a “Top 100 Club Fitter in the Country.’’ Are you having specific problems with your game and want a local PGA professional to provide some helpful tips? E-mail your question to