On second thought

We’re all atwitter today, 140 characters at a time

TV PxP guys keep gushing that Vince Wilfork is nimble. Huh? Dude is 6-2, 320something pounds. No nimble. He sashays. At best.
Bill Greene/Globe Staff
TV PxP guys keep gushing that Vince Wilfork is nimble. Huh? Dude is 6-2, 320something pounds. No nimble. He sashays. At best.

Entering another year of Second Thoughts. Gone Tweet mad. Will write today in paragraphs no longer than 140 characters. Up-tempo.

Can’t figure whattup with Red Sox, Mike Napoli. Seemed so right off hop. Now, first guy ever on disabled list before signature on contract.

Celtics checked into California, checked out long before they ever left.


TV PxP guys keep gushing that Vince Wilfork is nimble. Huh? Dude is 6-2, 320something pounds. No nimble. He sashays. At best.

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Maybe there’s hope for the NHL, post lockout. But once deal is done, Gary Bettman/Don Fehr have to go. Too much baggage, bloviating.

Finally, Notre Dame and Alabama. Monday night for title. Wait way too long. Pretty sure they played last games in leather helmets.

Celtics Big Three, KG, Pierce and Rondo looking like mini-me imitations of selves. Ray Allen’s loss far too underplayed. Can’t replace.

How’d anyone ever think Wes Welker was going to be marginalized? Finished with 1,354 yards, 6 TDs, and hair soon like Troy Polamalu.


If owners get their way, NHL cap falls to $60M in ’13-14. Bruins will need to be very creative, likely deal David Krejci, maybe Brad Marchand.

Reggie Lewis Center is great. Opened in June 1995. Wish Boston’s kids had benefit of ice rink to get ’em in game. We are Hub of Hockey.

Hazing scandal leads Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to wipe out its hockey season. Women’s hockey. Old boy ways — booze, humiliation.

Celts with three offensive rebounds in 48 minutes vs. Memphis. Bill Russell weeps.

Give Rookie of Year to Andrew Luck. Stud. Sure, smoked by Pats, but put up tremendous numbers. All in Peyton Manning’s long shadow.


Going to be a very, very strange spring training without reading a pearl or two from Johnny Pesky.

Josh Beckett was 2-3, 2.93 ERA in 7 starts with Dodgers. He is 26-27 last three years. Won’t end pretty. But at least it won’t end here.

World awaits Lingerie Football League news conference on Wed. in LA. Name change. Rebranding. Best available Kardashian?

Rex Ryan with a tattoo on his arm of wife Michelle, sporting Mark Sanchez’s No. 6 jersey and going all Tebow? Waking. Nightmare.

Danny Ainge thinks his Celts are going to wake up. Will not happen. Roster needs fixin’. Won’t find skill now, but maybe some nastiness?

Bill James believes Boston’s five starters will go a collective 59-56 in 2013. Oy. Truck leaves Fenway Feb. 5. Someone reboot Carmine.

Can’t watch NHL lockout without thinking of Percy Garris muttering, “Morons. I’ve got morons on my team.’’ Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

Red Sox with 24 games at Fenway by May 12. Not one of them against the Yankees. Lots of chills. Few thrills.

Adrian Peterson makes me think there ought to be some way for NFL to protect running backs like quarterbacks. No? Yes? Nuts?

As young beat reporter, I covered Red Sox as Carlton Fisk’s career blossomed. His mug shot for DUI arrest makes me very sad.

For projects undertaken, few bigger than the You Can Play Project. LGBT and sports. Kudos to Patrick Burke. R.I.P. Brendan Burke.

Get the ball to Gronk. Hand the ball to Radatz. Same feel. I think those two monstahs would have liked each other. A lot.

No one recycles the good ol’ boys like the NFL. Andy Reid, so in need of a spacer, can’t stop looking at life in 5-yard segments.

My morning walk is usually 3.5 miles. In the winter, I like to wear a hoodie. Cold doesn’t slow me down much. But beanbag a killer.

Milt Schmidt will celebrate 95th birthday March 5. Discovered Orr. Traded for Esposito, Hodge, Stanfield. Fierce player. Total class.

John Lackey, the staff workhorse? So that makes Jon Lester what?

NHL emerged last lockout with shootout, no red line. Only wrinkle this time is chance of bumping playoff teams from 16 to 20. Spare me.

So, if Bill Belichick had a tattoo on his arm . . .

Love Fenway. But enough. It’s the Royal typewriter in the smartphone remote-control-for-life world. 100 years the perfect adieu.

After 35 years of job travel, hotels, road meals, I’ll still take the pea soup at the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City. Roll. Butter. Merlot.

Get feeling Sox might not be a lot better in 2013, but will be heckuva lot more likeable. Important. Bad record, bad guys, bad vibes.

Note to outdoorsmen: no one’s pointing finger at you. Majority of you responsible with firearms. This debate needs your sense, reason. Now.

Best wishes to good guy Russ Kenn, moving on from Good Times Nothing But Good Times NESN. Better times, my friend.

At last count, the Red Sox had, I think, 11 catchers penciled into their roster. Not sure any can hit. But passed balls should be zero.

Eva, restaurant in LA, offers 5 pct discount to diners who surrender cellphone upon entering. NHL players, though hungry, insist on 7 pct.

Eric Gagne age 31 when arrived with Red Sox in 2007. Joel Hanrahan turned 31 in October. Age not always a predictor with closers. We hope.

ABC report: painkiller injections linked to USC football player heart attack. Contends potential overuse of painkiller. Anyone shocked?

If D.C. do-nothings ever get serious about trimming national debt, doubt they’ll consult Yanks GM Brian Cashman. Dead. Dough. Done.

About that Paterno statue. It’s where it belongs. Keep it there.

Sochi Olympics now a year away. No telling if NHLers will participate. No telling if there’s an NHL.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a CBA is a good guy with a CBA.

Kevin Paul Dupont’s ‘‘On Second Thought’’ appears on Page 2 of the Sunday Globe Sports section. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @GlobeKPD.