Rays’ Juan Sandoval could crack MLB barrier

Juan Sandoval
Juan Sandoval

If righthander Juan Sandoval earns a spot on the Rays’ pitching staff, he’ll join a select group of players who were able to overcome significant physical challenges to play in the major leagues. Sandoval, 32, lost sight in his right eye as the result of an accidental shooting at a restaurant in 2006.

Other players who overcame significant physical challenges to play in the major leagues:

OF Curtis Pride (deaf)

1993-2006, Expos, Tigers, Red Sox,


Braves, Yankees, Angels

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Career batting average: .250

P Jim Abbott (missing right hand)

1989-99, Angels, Yankees,

White Sox, Brewers

Career record: 87-108 4.25 ERA

OF Pete Gray (missing right arm)


1945, St. Louis Browns

Career batting average: .218

P Bert Shepard (missing right leg)

1945, Washington Senators

(pitched one game)

P Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown (missing index finger on right hand)

1903-16, Cardinals, Cubs


Career record: 239-130, 2.06 ERA

OF William Hoy (deaf)

1888-1902, Nationals, Senators,

Reds, White Sox, Louisville Colonels

Career batting average: .288