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Could Bruins net Carl Soderberg soon?

Carl Soderberg, with the puck on his visor last month, could be seen in a Bruins jersey soon.
Carl Soderberg, with the puck on his visor last month, could be seen in a Bruins jersey soon.

OK, we’ve been through this a few times, but here goes once more, with gusto: The Bruins think they have a reasonable shot at getting Swedish center Carl Soderberg on their roster in the next few weeks. Check the sky nightly this week to see if the cow jumps over the moon, too.

Had it been up to general manager Peter Chiarelli and crew, Soderberg, 27, would have been here long ago, soon after Chiarelli acquired his rights from St. Louis in a 2007 trade of goalie Hannu Toivonen. But Soderberg, despite constant hints and suggestions that he was coming this way, has remained in Sweden, where this season he finished tops in league goal scoring (31) and second in points (60).

Now, according to Chiarelli, it looks as if Soderberg finally will pack up and head to the Hub once his Linkoping club has finished its playoff run, which begins this week in a best-of-seven with HV 71. If Linkoping lasts through three rounds of best-of-seven, Soderberg wouldn’t be available until, say, May 1. But an HV 71 sweep could have him here in 10-14 days.


“I wish them well, because they’ve been great to deal with,’’ Chiarelli said Friday, referring to Linkoping’s postseason chances. “On the same hand, I’d like the player.’’

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Under contract with Linkoping, Soderberg would have to buy his way out of that deal, which typically would be a fee of no more than $250,000. He then could sign with the Bruins and report here for duty, be it at center or wing. He is 6 feet 3 inches, 210 pounds, with very good hands and a strong wrister, according to Chiarelli, which he likes to unload from mid-range in the faceoff circles.

“I don’t want to hype him too much because, again, this is not a done deal,’’ noted Chiarelli. “He’d have to get here, then adjust to our game, and we’ve seen just this year how Tyler [Seguin] had to adjust after being over there, how goalies have to adjust when they come here. But it’s looking better and we’d be fortunate to have him.’’