Sunday football notes

Mike Mayock sizes up the NFL draft

The Chiefs are expected to take Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel with the top overall pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night. The choice may not generate as much buzz as Andrew Luck did last April, but Kansas City can look to the last 10 drafts to be assured that OTs selected in the top five have had a very high success rate.


  1. Robert Gallery

    Raiders, 2d

    Gallery isn't as big a bust as he's perceived to be. He started across the line over eight seasons before retiring last summer.

  2. None drafted in top five

  3. D'Brickashaw Ferguson

    Jets, 4th

    Ferguson is as durable as they come, never sitting out a game in his career while making the Pro Bowl three times.

  4. Joe Thomas

    Browns, 3d

    Thomas has never missed a game — or a Pro Bowl — in six seasons. He's got a lot of years left in a Hall of Fame career.

    Levi Brown

    Cardinals, 5th

    Brown spent last season on IR (torn triceps), his first games missed since 2007. No Pro Bowls but a valuable veteran.

  5. Jake Long

    Dolphins, 1st

    Long is one of the best in the game, making four Pro Bowls and missing only six total games for Miami. He's now with St. Louis.

  6. Jason Smith

    Rams, 2d

    Smith is a rare bust, unable to win the LT job and eventually pushed out of the RT job. He was traded last year and signed with Saints.

  7. Trent Williams

    Redskins, 4th

    Williams, a one-time Pro Bowler, played all 16 games for the first time in 2012 and helped lead the NFL's top rushing attack.

  8. None drafted in top five

  9. Matt Kalil

    Vikings, 4th

    Kalil made the Pro Bowl in his first year after the Vikings finished second in rushing and allowed only 2 sacks per game.

Luke Knox/Globe staff