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    Patriots draft busts in secondary, at receiver

    The Patriots have for the most part failed under Bill Belichick when it comes to drafting wide receivers, cornerbacks, and safeties. Greg A. Bedard looks at the most notable disappointments:


    Guss ScottS20043 (95)52
    Not big enough vs. run, not good enough in coverage.
    Brandon MeriweatherS20071 (24)6440
    Debatable. Cut before end of rookie contract. Average instincts/angles.
    Terrence WheatleyCB20082 (62)111
    Showed some promise but had injuries that kept him off the field.
    Jonathan WilhiteCB20084 (129)5415
    Not bad production for draft slot but wasn’t more than average. Didn’t play to timed speed.
    Darius ButlerCB20092 (41)298
    Two seasons. Flashed early with physical attributes but lacked instincts, confidence.
    Patrick ChungS20092 (34)5029
    Looked the part of versatile, physical safety. Always hurt and late on reads.
    Devin McCourtyCB20101 (27)4646
    Only a disappointment if targeted as No. 1 corner. A good player now settled at safety.
    Ras-I DowlingCB20112 (33)82
    Two seasons, two IR stints. Hasn’t been healthy, like college. Does he want it?


    Bethel Johnson20032 (45)39304504
    Flashed as a rookie but never grasped the offense and had maturity issues.
    P.K. Sam20045 (164)2000
    Never caught a pass in the NFL for anyone. Never got the system.
    Chad Jackson20062 (36)14131713
    Injured, couldn’t learn playbook, immature. Traded up and passed on Greg Jennings. Worst Belichick pick.
    Brandon Tate20093 (83)18244323
    Two seasons. Had health and playbook issues. Had no feel for running routes.
    Taylor Price20103 (90)43410
    Health, instincts were problems. Jaguars think he has chance with ADHD treated — if he stays healthy.
    Jeremy Ebert20127 (235)0000
    No-harm, no-foul pick. Besides two weeks on Eagles’ practice squad, unsigned most of ’12.