What They Were Thinking

Santa Claus at Fenway’s ‘beard night’

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot:

Up today: A man who identified himself as Santa Claus but also answers to the name of Joe Bass of Dracut, who attended “beard night” at Fenway Park Sept. 18 when fans with beards were admitted for $1.

Said Bass: “Oh I’m thinking about beating the Birds tonight. It’s great. I’m glad to be here. The reindeer are getting fed. I’m taking care of business and I’m taking the night off before I get started with all those bundles of joy. Ho, ho, ho.


“A buck ticket, now that’s a real gift and it’s not even Christmastime. A grandstand seat, section 17, not bad at all.

“This beard is the real deal. The imposters, well you know, they’ll get there one day. They’re both naughty and nice; there are some good things about them. I’ll let it go at that. I’ve got to check my list, really.”

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