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Patriots used blitz to rally back against Dolphins

Patriots replay: Breaking down Week 7

The Gronk factor

The Dolphins surrounded Rob Gronkowski with two or three defenders, yet in the first half Tom Brady still tried to force the ball to him in tight coverage.

On Brady's first-quarter interception, he has Aaron Dobson streaking open downfield and LeGarrette Blount open for a check-down, but forces the ball to Gronk even with three defenders nearby.

On the pass interference call in the second quarter, Brady throws to Gronk in triple coverage and neglects two open receivers to his left, Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman.

But three defenders on Gronk also means one-on-one matchups for everyone else, and Brady smartly finds Aaron Dobson in a 1-on-1 matchup with Nolan Carroll and hits him for an easy touchdown.


Play of the Day 1

The Dolphins have no idea that cornerback Logan Ryan is coming off the edge here in the third quarter (notice Jonathan Martin No. 71 standing around with no one to block). Ryan strips Ryan Tannehill, Rob Ninkovich recovers and the Patriots' comeback is on.


Play of the Day 2

Just an incredible feat of athleticism by Devin McCourty to race to the sideline, leap in the air and "set" the ball, volleyball style, back into play.

And an equally incredible job by Cole to keep both feet in bounds while catching the interception.


Play of the Day 3

Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich absolutely flatten Dolphins OL Nate Garner, allowing Jones to break through and block the field goal with his left arm.