What They Were Thinking

Cheerleader gets some air

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.

Up today: University of Kentucky freshman cheerleader Lindsey Gatewood performs at Rupp Arena during the Wildcats’ 105-76 victory over Texas-Arlington, Nov. 19, 2013.

Said Gatewood: “We were doing a stunt during a timeout and I was the last girl to get tossed off. I’m just thinking, ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ that’s the R. Kelly song from ‘Space Jam.’ This is a lot of fun, so enjoy it. You’re defying gravity. I’m waiting to get caught. I trust my base. I know he’s going to be there to catch me, every time. I land light as a feather. I’m not nervous, I’m comfortable. I think it’s awesome at Rupp. All Kentucky fans want you to do good. It makes it easier.”


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