What They Were Thinking: Circus tricks

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.

Up today: Ethen Roberts and Andy Buckworth perform backflips at the Nitro Circus at TD Garden, Jan. 5, 2013:

Roberts: “I’m doing a backflip off a 40-foot ramp. You do a backflip and go completely upside down and land. When we’re all going down the ramp you go upside down and you see the person in front of you, then you see the person behind you, the whole room goes around you, and then you land back on your wheels. It’s a crazy, crazy sensation. When you’re upside down, you see the ground below you. You can feel the fire, it’s really close to you, there’s a sensation of riding your bicycle with your best friend in the big stadium and you can hear the crowd is going crazy and it makes you want to go harder and do better tricks.”


Buckworth: I’m taking off from the 50-foot side of the ramp so it’s a 10-foot-longer takeoff so it’s a bit of a slower rotation so you have to get the timing right to be side by side at the end. The pyro is going off beside you and you feel the warmth, it’s an amazing sensation. Then once you land, the crowd erupts and there’s that feeling of adrenaline, plus the self-satisfaction. It’s incredible. You can’t beat it. It’s definitely a dream to have 18,000 people screaming for you.”

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