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    What They Were Thinking: Breaking through

    Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

    Up today: Running back LeGarrette Blount breaks away from Colts safety LaRon Landry on his way to a 73-yard touchdown run during the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ 43-22 divisional round playoff victory at Gillette Stadium, Jan. 11, 2013.

    Blount: “Determination, man. For me personally as a running back, as soon as I get through the line of scrimmage and I see a hole that big that my line has opened up for me, you have to take full advantage of it. Those are the runs that you have to finish. You can’t let guys tackle you at the last second. You can’t let somebody clip your foot or clip your legs or wrap your legs up. Those are the tackles that you have to break. It is the determination of getting to the end zone. And of course everybody thinks I’m the slowest running back we have. And I plead a different case there. I mean, it was fun, though. I saw that hole and actually at first I overran the play and then I cut back late. It’s hard to turn a big-body frame, to change direction and then get back to where you wanted to go. And the first thing I was thinking was God, please let me get into this lane quick enough because the game is moving a lot faster in the playoffs obviously than it does in the regular season. God, please let me get to this lane. And I got to it and I then I saw Landry coming down and he took a bad angle. I didn’t juke or anything, I just veered off to the right, which made him have to change his angle. Then he dove and tried to grab my legs up and I just kind of fought him off with my hand and picked my knees up. Then there was nobody else back there after that. That’s years and years of running the football, you just start to adopt certain habits. Whenever guys touch my legs, then I pick up my knees. That’s a habit for me. Then I was looking up to see if anyone was going to catch me. It’s cool. I’ve never actually looked until then. That was my first time ever looking at the Jumbotron while I was actually playing. I was thinking, I’m gone. I’m gone now. Nobody’s going to catch me now and I started to feel good. I think I might have seen Logan [Mankins] put his arms up in the air, signaling touchdown. Once I saw that nobody was going to catch me I started trotting a little bit. I didn’t think that would get me on the cover [of Sports Illustrated]. I haven’t seen the official cover yet but I’ve seen the picture.”


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