What They Were Thinking: Tom McDermott

Tom McDermot
Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

TOM McDERMOTT, an education consultant, is on the second set of his workout routine running up and down sections of Harvard Stadium, April 10, 2014 — “I’m thinking it’s a great morning to get a workout in. I’m doing 45 minutes and I’m seeing how many [sections] I can do. I’m trying to get back into racing shape. I used to be a marathoner and a triathlete but I’ve been rehabbing a foot injury. Music definitely helps. I listen to a Spotify workout mix. And sunshine helps. After this winter it’s great to have a day where you can get out and get some sun and enjoy it. I ran the Marathon in 2010 and I’d love to have the opportunity to run up Heartbreak Hill again. So I want to qualify for Boston again sometime.”


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