On second thought

Thoughts with characters, but only 140 or less

Time for another twirl around the Tweet field. Second Thoughts, 140 characters or less, provided it all fits within my Corsi.

 When I finally land that NHL coaching job, I’ll often pull my goalie for surprise attacks early in games. Either way, I’ll get fired.

RIP Jack Ramsay. A sane voice gone silent in a broadcast world gone to utter nonsense.


Disagree with the “see what money does to people’’ rants on Donald Sterling. That stuff is in his soul, not his wallet.

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 Old movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” always worth another look. Particularly if you reimage Brad Marchand in Danny DeVito’s role as “Martini.”

 Mark Cuban believes the NFL is inching toward irrelevance. Smart man. May be right. His NBA getting there by giant steps.

 Report: Tiger Woods’s ex and his current speak frequently. TMZ shares the hidden audio in . . . three . . . two . . .

 Before Mount Everest shut down, following killer avalanche, some dude was going to leap off summit in a wingsuit. Altitude sickness.


 Thirty-five years later, debate is still whether Don Marcotte or Stan Jonathan was the extra man on the ice. Because it’s Boston, we still care.

 Doctoring the ball is not OK. Just like corking the bat or taking PEDs. Shouldn’t be so hard for MLB and others to understand.

 They’re off and running again at Suffolk. A day at the ponies is still a good thing today, ideally if you think like it’s yesterday.

 There’s way more faking about P.K. Subban than there is faking by P.K. Subban. Tremendous, exciting player.

 OK, he was bland, a tad removed, oft injured, but the void Jacoby Ellsbury left behind feels like 1,000 departed Wes Welkers.


 If the NFL adopted a wider field, say 10 yards, would it add or subtract years from Tom Brady’s career? Discuss.

 Duck Boats obvious way to go for championship fetes. But nothing says “CHAMP” like a big black convertible and a ticker-tape parade.

 Hockey doesn’t frame itself this way, but Rask, Bergeron, and Chara are the Bruins’ “Big Three.”

 Note to Brandon Spikes: hey, as long as you realize this Tweeting thing often goes to very bad places. Oh, wait . . .

 Rare now to see a beer for under $10 at a sports event. Canned, bottled or tapped. And some games are very hard to watch sober.

 NBC is by far the best American thing ever to happen to the NHL. Second best: Fox’s comet-tailed puck fading into outer space.

 Northwestern athletes vote on whether to join organized labor. Nuts. I mean, what’s a more perfect union than the NCAA?

 Great as it was, this year’s Marathon was but a first step forward. A bold one. But for many, the healing will be an endless run.

 I say put Harry Sinden’s name in the Garden rafters. He endured. And no question, he cared. Sometimes too much.

 When the sports editor offers me the fishing beat, I’ll offer internships (unpaid, of course) for someone else to do the baiting.

 Who own da Clippers? Thankfully, we know who won’t.

 With my big lottery win, I’ll sponsor organist Ron Poster one night to play through both Bruins intermissions. Next day, I run for mayor.

 A waterfront home for the Sox would have fans paddling after homers in Boston Harbor. The brawls would lead “SportsCenter” every night.

 The guys who bellow, “It’s in the hole!’’ at every PGA event are people, too. Doesn’t mean we have to treat them that way.

 Observation: too much time on our hands. Proof: release of the NFL schedule each April has become such a thing.

 When I see “Toronto’’ on a Boston sports schedule, I think “Lourdes.’’

 First round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, eight series strong, should carry a Surgeon General’s warning for addiction.

 About that American League-best Red Sox pitching rotation. We’re talking about this Red Sox pitching rotation?

 Tyler Seguin improved with Dallas. Playoff numbers weren’t there: 6 games, 1-2—3. Fast wheels, slow growth.

 Not sure if there’s a special prayer for Xander Bogaerts’s glove, but I think it’s worth a Google search.

 For GMs who got it done, anyone in Our Town ever kept a lower, more humble profile than Ben Cherington?

 NBC almost has me to the point where I’ll watch a full futbol game. If they get Shaughnessy over the line, I buy stock.

 Saturday, 44 years since the “Flying Bobby’’ goal, May 10, 1970. It was warm, wonderful, and Mother’s Day made it even better.

 Stephen’s Story isn’t about sports, not really, but it is about triumph, no matter the odds or adversity. Please watch:

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