Canucks schedule

Last update: May 6, 2014, 9:22 a.m. ET

Thu. 3at San Jose SharksL, 4-1
Sat. 5vs. Edmonton OilersW, 6-2
Sun. 6at Calgary FlamesW, 5-4 (OT)
Tue. 8vs. New Jersey DevilsW, 3-2 (OT)
Thu. 10vs. San Jose SharksL, 4-1
Sat. 12vs. Montreal CanadiensL, 4-1
Tue. 15at Philadelphia FlyersW, 3-2
Thu. 17at Buffalo SabresW, 3-0
Sat. 19at Pittsburgh PenguinsL, 4-3 (SO)
Sun. 20at Columbus Blue JacketsL, 3-1
Tue. 22at New York IslandersW, 5-4 (OT)
Thu. 24at New Jersey DevilsW, 3-2 (SO)
Fri. 25at St. Louis BluesW, 3-2 (OT)
Mon. 28vs. Washington CapitalsW, 3-2
Wed. 30vs. Detroit Red WingsL, 2-1
Sat. 2vs. Toronto Maple LeafsW, 4-0
Tue. 5at Phoenix CoyotesL, 3-2 (SO)
Thu. 7at San Jose SharksW, 4-2
Sat. 9at Los Angeles KingsL, 5-1
Sun. 10at Anaheim DucksL, 3-1
Thu. 14vs. San Jose SharksL, 2-1 (OT)
Sun. 17vs. Dallas StarsL, 2-1
Tue. 19vs. Florida PanthersL, 3-2 (SO)
Fri. 22vs. Columbus Blue JacketsW, 6-2
Sat. 23vs. Chicago BlackhawksL, 2-1
Mon. 25vs. Los Angeles KingsL, 3-2 (OT)
Thu. 28at Ottawa SenatorsW, 5-2
Sat. 30at New York RangersL, 5-2
Sun. 1at Carolina HurricanesW, 3-2
Tue. 3at Nashville PredatorsW, 3-1
Fri. 6vs. Phoenix CoyotesW, 3-2 (OT)
Sun. 8vs. Colorado AvalancheW, 3-1
Mon. 9vs. Carolina HurricanesW, 2-0
Fri. 13vs. Edmonton OilersW, 4-0
Sat. 14vs. Boston BruinsW, 6-2
Tue. 17at Minnesota WildL, 3-2 (SO)
Thu. 19at Dallas StarsL, 4-1
Fri. 20at Chicago BlackhawksW, 3-2 (SO)
Sun. 22vs. Winnipeg JetsW, 2-1
Sun. 29at Calgary FlamesW, 2-0
Mon. 30vs. Philadelphia FlyersL, 4-3 (SO)
Wed. 1vs. Tampa Bay LightningL, 4-2
Sat. 4at Los Angeles KingsL, 3-1
Sun. 5at Anaheim DucksL, 4-3 (OT)
Tue. 7vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsL, 5-4 (SO)
Fri. 10vs. St. Louis BluesW, 2-1
Mon. 13at Los Angeles KingsL, 1-0
Wed. 15at Anaheim DucksL, 9-1
Thu. 16at Phoenix CoyotesL, 1-0
Sat. 18vs. Calgary FlamesW, 3-2 (SO)
Tue. 21at Edmonton OilersW, 2-1
Thu. 23vs. Nashville PredatorsL, 2-1
Sun. 26vs. Phoenix CoyotesW, 5-4 (OT)
Mon. 27vs. Edmonton OilersL, 4-2
Wed. 29vs. Chicago BlackhawksL, 5-2
Fri. 31at Winnipeg JetsL, 4-3
Mon. 3at Detroit Red WingsL, 2-0
Tue. 4at Boston BruinsL, 3-1
Thu. 6at Montreal CanadiensL, 5-2
Sat. 8at Toronto Maple LeafsL, 3-1
Wed. 26vs. St. Louis BluesW, 1-0
Fri. 28vs. Minnesota WildL, 2-1 (SO)
Sun. 2vs. Ottawa SenatorsL, 4-2
Tue. 4at Phoenix CoyotesL, 1-0
Thu. 6at Dallas StarsL, 6-1
Sat. 8vs. Calgary FlamesW, 2-1
Mon. 10vs. New York IslandersL, 7-4
Wed. 12at Winnipeg JetsW, 3-2 (SO)
Fri. 14at Washington CapitalsL, 4-3
Sun. 16at Florida PanthersW, 4-3 (SO)
Mon. 17at Tampa Bay LightningL, 4-3
Wed. 19vs. Nashville PredatorsW, 2-0
Sun. 23vs. Buffalo SabresW, 4-2
Wed. 26at Minnesota WildW, 5-2
Thu. 27at Colorado AvalancheL, 3-2 (OT)
Sat. 29vs. Anaheim DucksL, 5-1
Tue. 1vs. New York RangersL, 3-1
Sat. 5vs. Los Angeles KingsW, 2-1
Mon. 7vs. Anaheim DucksL, 3-0
Thu. 10vs. Colorado AvalancheL, 4-2
Sat. 12at Edmonton OilersL, 5-2
Sun. 13vs. Calgary FlamesW, 5-1

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