Grizzlies schedule

Last update: May 6, 2014, 9:31 a.m. ET

Wed. 30at San Antonio SpursL, 101-94
Fri. 1vs. Detroit PistonsW, 111-108 (OT)
Sat. 2at Dallas MavericksL, 111-99
Mon. 4vs. Boston CelticsW, 95-88
Wed. 6vs. New Orleans PelicansL, 99-84
Sat. 9vs. Golden State WarriorsW, 108-90
Mon. 11at Indiana PacersL, 95-79
Wed. 13vs. Toronto RaptorsL, 103-87
Fri. 15at Los Angeles LakersW, 89-86
Sun. 17at Sacramento KingsW, 97-86
Mon. 18at Los Angeles ClippersW, 106-102
Wed. 20at Golden State WarriorsW, 88-81 (OT)
Fri. 22vs. San Antonio SpursL, 102-86
Mon. 25vs. Houston RocketsL, 93-86
Wed. 27at Boston CelticsW, 100-93
Sat. 30vs. Brooklyn NetsL, 97-88
Tue. 3vs. Phoenix SunsW, 110-91
Thu. 5vs. Los Angeles ClippersL, 101-81
Sat. 7vs. Golden State WarriorsL, 108-82
Mon. 9vs. Orlando MagicW, 94-85
Wed. 11vs. Oklahoma City ThunderL, 116-100
Fri. 13at New Orleans PelicansL, 104-98
Sun. 15vs. Minnesota TimberwolvesL, 101-93
Tue. 17vs. Los Angeles LakersL, 96-92
Wed. 18at Dallas MavericksL, 105-91
Sat. 21at New York KnicksW, 95-87
Mon. 23vs. Utah JazzW, 104-94
Thu. 26at Houston RocketsL, 100-92
Sat. 28vs. Denver NuggetsW, 120-99
Mon. 30vs. Chicago BullsL, 95-91
Thu. 2at Phoenix SunsW, 99-91
Fri. 3at Denver NuggetsL, 111-108
Sun. 5at Detroit PistonsW, 112-84
Tue. 7vs. San Antonio SpursL, 110-108 (OT)
Fri. 10vs. Phoenix SunsW, 104-99
Sun. 12vs. Atlanta HawksW, 108-101
Tue. 14vs. Oklahoma City ThunderW, 90-87
Wed. 15at Milwaukee BucksW, 82-77
Fri. 17vs. Sacramento KingsW, 91-90
Mon. 20vs. New Orleans PelicansL, 95-92
Fri. 24at Houston RocketsW, 88-87
Sat. 25vs. Houston RocketsW, 99-81
Tue. 28at Portland Trail BlazersW, 98-81
Wed. 29at Sacramento KingsW, 99-89
Fri. 31at Minnesota TimberwolvesW, 94-90
Sat. 1vs. Milwaukee BucksW, 99-90
Mon. 3at Oklahoma City ThunderL, 86-77
Wed. 5vs. Dallas MavericksL, 110-96
Sat. 8at Atlanta HawksW, 79-76
Sun. 9at Cleveland CavaliersL, 91-83 (OT)
Tue. 11vs. Washington WizardsW, 92-89
Wed. 12at Orlando MagicW, 86-81
Tue. 18vs. New York KnicksW, 98-93
Fri. 21vs. Los Angeles ClippersW, 102-96
Sat. 22at Charlotte BobcatsL, 92-89
Wed. 26vs. Los Angeles LakersW, 108-103
Fri. 28at Oklahoma City ThunderL, 113-107
Sat. 1vs. Cleveland CavaliersW, 110-96
Mon. 3at Washington WizardsW, 110-104
Wed. 5at Brooklyn NetsL, 103-94
Fri. 7at Chicago BullsW, 85-77
Sat. 8vs. Charlotte BobcatsW, 111-89
Tue. 11vs. Portland Trail BlazersW, 109-99
Wed. 12at New Orleans PelicansW, 90-88
Fri. 14at Toronto RaptorsL, 99-86
Sat. 15at Philadelphia 76ersW, 103-77
Wed. 19vs. Utah JazzW, 96-86
Fri. 21at Miami HeatL, 91-86
Sat. 22vs. Indiana PacersW, 82-71
Mon. 24vs. Minnesota TimberwolvesW, 109-92
Wed. 26at Utah JazzW, 91-87
Fri. 28at Golden State WarriorsL, 100-93
Sun. 30at Portland Trail BlazersL, 105-98
Mon. 31at Denver NuggetsW, 94-92
Wed. 2at Minnesota TimberwolvesL, 102-88
Fri. 4vs. Denver NuggetsW, 100-92
Sun. 6at San Antonio SpursL, 112-92
Wed. 9vs. Miami HeatW, 107-102
Fri. 11vs. Philadelphia 76ersW, 117-95
Sun. 13at Los Angeles LakersW, 102-90
Mon. 14at Phoenix SunsW, 97-91
Wed. 16vs. Dallas MavericksW, 106-105 (OT)
Sat. 19at Oklahoma City ThunderL, 100-86
Mon. 21at Oklahoma City ThunderW, 111-105 (OT)
Thu. 24vs. Oklahoma City ThunderW, 98-95 (OT)
Sat. 26vs. Oklahoma City ThunderL, 92-89 (OT)
Tue. 29at Oklahoma City ThunderW, 100-99 (OT)
Thu. 1vs. Oklahoma City ThunderL, 104-84
Sat. 3at Oklahoma City ThunderL, 120-109

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