New Red Sox undergoing chemistry test

As they set out to rebuild a team that was the worst in generations, the Red Sox prioritized strong character players who would embrace the challenge of playing in Boston.

Dan Shaughnessy

// Hey Red Sox, team chemistry is way overrated

Winning requires talent, pitching, and three-run homers. A lesson for the Red Sox: More talent would be good, because nice guys finish last.

Christopher L. Gasper

// Let’s give these Red Sox a chance

Rarely have the Red Sox ever been more reviled than after last season. But this year’s team appears to be different, and might just surprise people.

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Explore the Red Sox clubhouse inside Fenway Park

It’s a relatively small space where players, coaches, reporters and clubhouse workers all collide. Dan Shaughnessy takes us on a tour of the Fenway clubhouse.

// What comes first, winning or good chemistry?

Some baseball people believe winning breeds good chemistry and losing brings on bad chemistry. Others will tell you good chemistry is dumb luck.

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// Red Sox’ chemistry highs and lows

Who have been the been and worst influences on the Red Sox in recent seasons? Our chemistry kit examines their rosters.

// In John Farrell, Red Sox finally found their man

Tasked with restoring a franchise that has fallen far from a once-lofty perch, Farrell carries high expectations from players, ownership and fans.

// Dustin Pedroia ready to set tone for Red Sox

The Red Sox Pedroia joined in 2006 treated every game like it was their last. Somewhere along the way, that changed. Pedroia intends to change it back.

// Shane Victorino part of new Red Sox culture

He’s a high-character, high-energy guy. The new face of the new Red Sox. And he says the Red Sox have “the right chemistry.” But can the ex-All-Star still produce?

// Jonny Gomes is a survivor who makes good

One of the high-character additions to the Red Sox, Gomes has persevered through some traumatic life experiences.

Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox will be looking to bounce back from their dismal performance last season.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Meet the 2013 Red Sox

After five years of decline, there is a plan in place. Is this a playoff team? Probably not. But the 2013 Red Sox will be worth rooting for, and that represents progress.

// AL preview: Time for Blue Jays to rise?

Toronto has the best team on paper, and may rule an AL East that could see both the Red Sox and the Yankees finish at the bottom.

// NL preview: Nationals ready to take next step?

A year after finally reaching the playoffs, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper and the talented Nationals look like the team to beat.

2013 MLB predictions

// MLB picks: Who will win the World series?

Twenty years removed from their last playoff appearance, the Blue Jays appear poised to make a serious run at a title.

Sunday Baseball Notes

// Terry Francona relishes fresh start with Indians

He’ll have half the payroll he did in Boston and likely half the talent, but Francona is determined to find a way for the Indians to compete in the AL Central.

Sports Media

Red Sox information overload is everywhere

On TV, on the radio, in the newspapers, on Twitter, opinions about the Red Sox are everywhere. And sometimes it can just be too much.

More Red Sox

Red Sox Mike Napoli (left) and Daniel Nava each homered in his first major league at-bat, Nava belting a grand slam on the first pitch.

First at-bat memories linger for Red Sox

Some debuts (such as Mike Napoli’s and Daniel Nava’s) are more memorable than others. But that first appearance makes a mark for all.