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2014 New England Patriots transactions

1/17Joe Vellano, DTActivated from the practice squad
1/17Steve Maneri, TECut
1/9Brandon Bolden, RBRe-signed (Two-year extension through 2016)
1/9Patrick Chung, SRe-signed (Three-year extension through 2017)
12/29Eric Martin, LBPractice squad addition
12/27Alfonzo Dennard, CBPlaced on ir (hamstring)
12/27Cam Henderson, DEPractice squad deletion
12/27Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad addition
12/27Josh Boyce, WRActivated from the practice squad
12/23Cam Henderson, DEPractice squad addition
12/23Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad deletion
12/17Dominique Easley, DTPlaced on ir (knee)
12/17Garrett Gilbert, QBPractice squad addition
12/17Steve Maneri, TESigned
12/4Aaron Dobson, WRPlaced on ir (hamstring)
12/3Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad addition
12/3Deontae Skinner, LBPractice squad addition
12/3Justin Green, CBPractice squad addition
11/29Darius Fleming, LBActivated from the practice squad
11/28Charley Hughlett, CPractice squad deletion
11/28Xavier Grimble, TEPractice squad deletion
11/27Don Jones, SCut
11/26Charley Hughlett, CPractice squad addition
11/26Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad deletion
11/26Deontae Skinner, LBPractice squad deletion
11/26Matthew Slater, WRRe-signed (Two-year extension through 2016)
11/26Xavier Grimble, TEPractice squad addition
11/22Casey Walker, DTPractice squad addition
11/22Ja'Gared Davis, LBPractice squad deletion
11/20Casey Walker, DTCut
11/20LeGarrette Blount, RBSigned
11/5Jonathan Krause, WRPractice squad addition
11/5Kona Schwenke, DEPractice squad deletion
10/31Deontae Skinner, LBPractice squad addition
10/31Jonathan Krause, WRPractice squad deletion
10/30Ben Bass, DEPractice squad deletion
10/30Chris Barker, GPractice squad addition
10/29Alan Branch, DTSigned
10/29Deontae Skinner, LBCut
10/28Chris Barker, GCut
10/28Jonathan Casillas, LBTraded (for 5th-round pick in 2015 draft)
10/24Ja'Gared Davis, LBPractice squad addition
10/24Jonathan Krause, WRPractice squad addition
10/22Akeem Ayers, LBTraded (for 6th-round pick in 2015 draft)
10/22Ja'Gared Davis, LBCut
10/16Chris Barker, GActivated from the practice squad
10/16Jerod Mayo, LBPlaced on ir (torn right patellar tendon)
10/16Jonas Gray, RBActivated from the practice squad
10/16Stevan Ridley, RBPlaced on ir (torn right ACL, MCL)
10/13Caylin Hauptmann, TPractice squad addition
10/13Chris Martin, TPractice squad deletion
10/8Caylin Hauptmann, TPractice squad deletion
10/8Chris Martin, TPractice squad addition
10/8Joe Vellano, DTPractice squad addition
10/6Joe Vellano, DTCut
10/6Michael Buchanan, DEPlaced on ir (ankle)
10/4Ja'Gared Davis, LBActivated from the practice squad
10/4Kenbrell Thompkins, WRCut
9/30Brandon Browner, CBSuspension lifted
9/30Brian Tyms, WRSuspension lifted
9/27Casey Walker, DTActivated from the practice squad
9/26Ben Bass, DEPractice squad addition
9/26Chris Martin, TPractice squad deletion
9/17Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad addition
9/16Cam Henderson, DEPractice squad deletion
9/16Caylin Hauptmann, TPractice squad addition
9/16Darius Fleming, LBPractice squad addition
9/16Kona Schwenke, DEPractice squad addition
9/16Marcus Thigpen, WRPractice squad deletion
9/13Darius Fleming, LBCut
9/13Deontae Skinner, LBActivated from the practice squad
9/9Cam Henderson, DEPractice squad addition
9/9McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBPractice squad deletion
9/6Allen Reisner, TEPractice squad deletion
9/6Kelcy Quarles, DTPractice squad addition
9/4Chris White, LBSigned
9/4Danny Aiken, CSigned
9/4McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBPractice squad addition
9/3Allen Reisner, TEPractice squad addition
9/3Bruce Gaston, DTCut
9/3Charley Hughlett, CPractice squad deletion
9/3Chris Barker, GPractice squad addition
9/3Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad deletion
9/3Kanorris Davis, SPractice squad deletion
9/3Kelcy Quarles, DTCut
9/3Marcus Thigpen, WRPractice squad addition
9/3McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBPractice squad deletion
9/1Charley Hughlett, CPractice squad addition
9/1Chris Barker, GCut
9/1Chris Martin, TPractice squad addition
9/1Dax Swanson, CBPractice squad addition
9/1Deontae Skinner, LBPractice squad addition
9/1Don Jones, SAcquired from waivers
9/1Ja'Gared Davis, LBPractice squad addition
9/1Jake Bequette, DEPractice squad addition
9/1Jonas Gray, RBPractice squad addition
9/1Josh Boyce, WRPractice squad addition
9/1Kanorris Davis, SPractice squad addition
9/1McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBPractice squad addition
8/31Bruce Gaston, DTAcquired from waivers
8/31Chris White, LBCut
8/31Kelcy Quarles, DTAcquired from waivers
8/30Braxston Cave, CCut
8/30Chris Martin, TCut
8/30Danny Aiken, CCut
8/30Dax Swanson, CBCut
8/30Eathyn Manumaleuna, DTCut
8/30Ja'Gared Davis, LBCut
8/30Jake Bequette, DECut
8/30James Morris, LBPlaced on ir (knee)
8/30Jerel Worthy, DTCut
8/30Jeremy Gallon, WRCut
8/30Jon Halapio, GCut
8/30Jonas Gray, RBCut
8/30Josh Boyce, WRCut
8/30Kanorris Davis, SCut
8/30LT Tuipulotu, DTCut
8/30Roy Finch, RBCut
8/30Shamiel Gary, SCut
8/30Steve Beauharnais, LBCut
8/30Steve Maneri, TECut
8/30Taylor McCuller, LBCut
8/26Ben Bass, DECut
8/26Cameron Gordon, LBPlaced on ir (undisclosed)
8/26Deontae Skinner, LBCut
8/26Derrick Johnson, WRCut
8/26Jemea Thomas, CBCut
8/26Tim Wright, TETraded (for G Logan Mankins)
8/26Travis Hawkins, CBCut
8/26Tyler Gaffney, RBPlaced on ir (knee)
8/26Wilson Van Hooser, WRCut
8/25James Anderson, LBCut
8/25Justin Jones, TECut
8/25Tommy Kelly, DTCut
8/25Will Smith, DECut
8/21D.J. Williams, TECut
8/21Marcus Forston, DTCut
8/18Justin Jones, TESigned
8/18Tyler Ott, TECut
8/15Terrence Miller, TECut
8/15Terrence Miller, TETaken off ir (undisclosed)
8/14Ben Hartsock, TECut
8/14Terrence Miller, TEPlaced on ir (undisclosed)
8/13Ben Bass, DETraded (for CB Justin Green)
8/13Jerel Worthy, DTTraded (for undisclosed draft choice)
8/10Asa Watson, TECut
8/10Ben Hartsock, TESigned/unrestricted free agent
8/10Justin Jones, TECut
8/10Stephen Houston, RBCut
8/10Steve Maneri, TESigned
8/10Terrence Miller, TESigned
8/3James Morris, LBSigned
8/2Cole Stanford, WRCut
7/28Greg Orton, WRPlaced on ir (Achilles)
7/28Josh Hull, LBCut
7/28Tyler Gaffney, RBAcquired from waivers
7/27Brian Tyms, WRSigned
7/27Cole Stanford, WRSigned
7/25Nate Byham, TECut
7/23Greg Orton, WRSigned
7/23Tyler McDonald, WRCut
7/21Eathyn Manumaleuna, DTSigned
7/21Seali'i Epenesa, DTCut
7/20Nate Byham, TESigned/unrestricted free agent
7/18Derrick Johnson, WRSigned
7/18Tyler McDonald, WRSigned
7/17Jeremy Johnson, WRCut
7/17Reese Wiggins, WRCut
7/16Armond Armstead, DERetired
6/23Chris Martin, TSigned
6/23Dominique Easley, DTSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract fifth-year option)
6/19Reggie Dunn, WRCut
6/17Seali'i Epenesa, DTSigned
6/16Kyle Auffray, TECut
6/11R.J. Mattes, GCut
6/9Derrick Johnson, WRCut
6/9Kyle Auffray, TESigned
6/4James Anderson, LBSigned/unrestricted free agent
6/4Mark Harrison, WRCut
6/2Jimmy Garoppolo, QBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/27Jeremy Johnson, WRSigned
5/27Reese Wiggins, WRSigned
5/27Wilson Van Hooser, WRSigned
5/22Dax Swanson, CBSigned
5/22Greg Orton, WRCut
5/22Jeremy Deering, SCut
5/22LT Tuipulotu, DTSigned
5/20James Morris, LBCut
5/19Bryan Stork, CSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/19Derrick Johnson, WRSigned
5/19Jemea Thomas, CBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/19Jon Halapio, GSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/19Malcolm Butler, CBSigned
5/19Taylor McCuller, LBSigned
5/16Cameron Fleming, TSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/16Darius Fleming, LBSigned
5/16James Morris, LBSigned
5/16James White, RBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/16Jeremy Deering, SSigned
5/16Jeremy Gallon, WRSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/16Tyler Ott, TESigned
5/16Zach Moore, DESigned/draft choice (Four-year contract through 2017)
5/15Charley Hughlett, CCut
5/15Tyler Beck, TECut
5/12Asa Watson, TESigned
5/12Cameron Gordon, LBSigned
5/12Deontae Skinner, LBSigned
5/12Justin Jones, TESigned
5/12Roy Finch, RBSigned
5/12Shamiel Gary, SSigned
5/12Stephen Houston, RBSigned
5/12Travis Hawkins, CBSigned
5/12Tyler Beck, TESigned
5/5Will Smith, DESigned
4/24Josh Hull, LBSigned
4/23Nate Solder, TTeam exercises option (Fifth-year option on rookie contract)
4/4Adrian Wilson, SCut
4/3Patrick Chung, SSigned
3/31Ryan Wendell, CRe-signed/unrestricted free agent (Two-year contract through 2015)
3/19Charley Hughlett, CSigned
3/18Julian Edelman, WRRe-signed/unrestricted free agent (Four-year contract through 2017)
3/17Brandon LaFell, WRSigned/unrestricted free agent (Three-year contract through 2016)
3/17Darrelle Revis, CBSigned (Two-year contract through 2015)
3/14Brandon Browner, CBSigned/unrestricted free agent (Three-year contract through 2016)
3/12Isaac Sopoaga, DTCut
3/12Markus Zusevics, TCut
3/12Michael Hoomanawanui, TERe-signed/unrestricted free agent (Two-year contract through 2015)
3/11Andre Carter, DEDeclared free agent
3/11Aqib Talib, CBDeclared free agent
3/11Austin Collie, WRDeclared free agent
3/11Brandon Spikes, LBDeclared free agent
3/11Dane Fletcher, LBDeclared free agent
3/11Julian Edelman, WRDeclared free agent
3/11LeGarrette Blount, RBDeclared free agent
3/11Matthew Mulligan, TEDeclared free agent
3/11Michael Hoomanawanui, TEDeclared free agent
3/11Ryan Wendell, CDeclared free agent
3/11Will Svitek, TDeclared free agent
3/10Cory Grissom, DTCut
3/10Sam McGuffie, RBCut
3/10T.J. Moe, WRCut
3/10Taylor Reed, LBCut
3/7Danny Aiken, CRe-signed (One-year contract through 2014)
2/28Steve Gregory, SCut

Last update: Fri., Jan. 30, 2015, 6:25 p.m. ET

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