David Abel

A Globe staff writer since 1999, Abel has written extensively about Latin America, national security, higher education, poverty, travel, and many other subjects throughout New England. He now covers the environment for the Globe.

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Protesters voice unease over pipeline

By David Abel , Globe Staff

The possibility that a multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline could soon cut through her property, over nearby aquifers and other water sources, has sparked such fear in Lindsey Sundberg that the 29-year-old from Ashburnham joined more than a hundred others who came to Boston Common Wednesday from communities across the state to protest the project.

3 advisers to Patrick quit amid energy dispute

By David Abel , Globe Staff

The three members of an environmental advisory committee resigned in protest of policies they say hinder the state’s goals.

Hydropower plan vital in climate change fight, officials say

By David Abel , Globe Staff

State environmental officials are lobbying lawmakers to pass a controversial energy bill they consider critical to cutting greenhouses gases.

Rules have diesel enthusiasts fuming

By David Abel , Globe Staff

Coal rollers disable or discard their trucks’ pollution controls and modify their engines to blow smoke with the flip of a switch.