Yvonne Abraham

A columnist for the Metro section, Abraham’s work appears on Thursdays and Sundays. She previously covered state and national politics, and immigration at the Globe. She came to the paper in 1998 from the Boston Phoenix.

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Yvonne Abraham

What’s your American Dream Score?

By , globe columnist

A new online quiz can give you a summary of the factors that contribute to your success, and those that hold you back.

Yvonne Abraham

Congratulations, Bill Cosby, of a sort

By ,

Not so long ago, Bill Cosby would have scoffed at claims that racism can intrude when black men meet the justice system.

Yvonne Abraham

The welfare cap is laughable — and cruel

By , Globe Columnist

The idea that cutting off benefits would prevent pregnancies is ridiculous. Instead, it just made parents’ lives — and more importantly, their children’s lives — more difficult.

yvonne Abraham

The America I swore allegiance to seems to have disappeared

By , globe columnist

This president’s repeated and blatant attacks on democracy are intolerable.