Yvonne Abraham

A columnist for the Metro section, Abraham’s work appears on Thursdays and Sundays. She previously covered state and national politics, and immigration at the Globe. She came to the paper in 1998 from the Boston Phoenix.

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Yvonne Abraham

Some elected officials using border crisis to score points

By Yvonne Abraham ,

When it comes to using desperate children to advance one’s political fortunes, you can’t beat state Rep. Ryan Fattman.

Yvonne Abraham

Trust and transformation in a Roxbury neighborhood

By Yvonne Abraham , Globe columnist

25 years ago the area around Dennis Street Park was blighted, a monument to racism and neglect.

Yvonne Abraham

A child’s harrowing journey to the US

By Yvonne Abraham , Globe Columnist

Why would a devoted mother allow her young daughter to journey alone across three of the world’s most violent places?

Yvonne Abraham

The weather we love to hate

By Yvonne Abraham , Globe Staff

We are New Englanders. We live to shake our fists at the heavens, no matter the season.