Yvonne Abraham

Yvonne Abraham grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has been working at the Globe since 1999. She has covered national and local politics, immigration, and just about everything else over those years.

She has been a Metro columnist since 2007. She writes about local and national politics, the people who make Boston Boston, the ways in which big, abstract decisions affect the lives of actual people (especially women), and whatever else catches her eye.

Latest stories

yvonne abraham

Getting real about heroin

By , globe columnist

Safe injection facilities save lives and are the best option for active users who are unwilling or unable to commit to recovery.

Yvonne Abraham

Why would we ever talk about gun control after another mass shooting?

By , Globe Columnist

Democrats and others on the left are always trying to talk about guns at times like these.

Yvonne Abraham

In Western Mass., GE’s name is mud

By , Globe columnist

For decades, a GE plant in Pittsfield befouled the Housatonic with toxic chemicals called PCBs, and the fight over the cleanup continues.

Yvonne Abraham

Brookline principal Asa Sevelius is finally becoming himself

By , Globe Staff

At noon on Wednesday, Asa Sevelius hit send on the e-mail that would change everything. “I am transgender,” he wrote.