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John L. Allen Jr.

John L. Allen Jr. is associate editor of the Globe and Crux, the Globe’s website covering Catholicism ( He is a senior Vatican analyst for CNN, and was a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter for 16 years. He’s the author of 10 books on the Vatican and Catholic affairs, and is also a popular speaker on Catholicism and the papacy in the United States and internationally. Veteran religion writer Kenneth Woodward of Newsweek described Allen as “the journalist other reporters – and not a few cardinals – look to for the inside story on how all the pope’s men direct the world’s largest church.”

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JOHN L. ALLEN JR. | All Things Catholic

As synod approaches, Francis is a man in the middle

By , Globe Staff

The Oct. 4 to 25 summit of prelates from around the world is a critically important moment for the pontiff.


Vatican works to downplay pope’s visit with Davis

By and Inés San Martín , Globe Staff

The Vatican on Friday distanced Pope Francis from Kim Davis, the focal point in the gay marriage debate in the United States.


Pope spreads blame for sexual abuse

By , Globe Staff

Pope Francis ended his final day in the US by acknowledging that the problem is not just that priests have committed abuse, but that bishops have covered it up.

John L. Allen Jr. | all things catholic

Papal trip has highlighted Francis’ strengths

By , Globe Staff

Pope Francis demonstrated his popularity and his deft political touch.