John L. Allen Jr.

John L. Allen Jr. is associate editor at the Globe, specialized in coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. He also serves as senior Vatican analyst for CNN, and was for 16 years a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. He’s the author of nine books on the Vatican and Catholic affairs, and is also a popular speaker on Catholic affairs both in the United States and internationally. Veteran religion writer Kenneth Woodward of Newsweek described Allen as “the journalist other reporters – and not a few cardinals – look to for the inside story on how all the pope’s men direct the world’s largest church.”

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Australian cardinal faces Vatican’s law of the jungle

By John L. Allen Jr. , Globe Staff

In bureaucracies everywhere, when someone’s interests are threatened by a cycle of reform, one time-honored resistance strategy is to dig up dirt on the reformers. For maximum effectiveness, the dirt should be related to a brewing crisis in which people are tempted to shoot first and ask questions later.Whatever its supernatural claims may be, the Vatican is hardly exempt from this law of the jungle.

John L. Allen Jr. | All Things Catholic

Getting to the Crux of why Catholicism matters

By John L. Allen Jr. , Globe Staff

The Globe’s John Allen also examines the Islamic State and the pope.

all things catholic

Two pins in South Korea show a pope doing it his way

By John L. Allen Jr. , Globe Staff

The Globe’s John Allen also examines a globalized papacy and support for US airstrikes in Iraq.

John L. Allen Jr.

Pope offers cautious yellow light for US airstrikes in Iraq

By John L. Allen Jr. , Globe Staff

Pope Francis said that while it’s morally legitimate to stop an unjust aggressor, a single nation shouldn’t decide on use of force.