Travis Andersen

Andersen is a breaking news reporter for the Metro section. He previously worked as a freelance writer for and a reporter for the Associated Press. A graduate of Kenyon College, he also earned a master’s in journalism from Boston University.

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Simpson’s former ‘Dream Team’ lawyers’ thoughts on his parole

By , Globe Staff

“It was the right decision, based on the law,” said Alan Dershowitz, a member of O.J. Simpson’s so-called legal Dream Team from the 1990s.

Widow of slain Pa. police chief says suspected killer’s wife ‘did whatever he wanted her to do’

By , Globe Staff

Lillian Webb dug a grave in the yard for her fugitive husband at his request and buried him there after he died from his second stroke in 1997.

Chef Barbara Lynch released without bail after OUI arrest in Gloucester

By , Globe Staff

Lynch was released on personal recognizance after her arraignment in Gloucester District Court.

Feds seeking 87-month sentence for MS-13 gang member who ‘protected’ cocaine shipments

By , Globe Staff

The government filed its sentencing request Wednesday in US District Court in the case against Efrain Yanes-Vasquez.