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Steve Annear is a digital reporter for A graduate of Roger Williams University, Annear previously worked at, and the Boston Metro newspaper.

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BC cries foul after footage is used in video by Paul Ryan

By , Globe Staff

House Speaker Paul Ryan may need to put his plans for fixing the tax code aside, and instead brush up on his copyright law.

Kaboom! MIT students drop confetti-filled piano off building

By and , Globe staff

After a one-year hiatus, MIT students gathered once again Thursday to watch a piano fall from the sixth story of a dormitory.

That’s no jackhammer — woodpecker season is upon us

By , Globe Staff

They’re loud, and they want everyone to know it. Woodpeckers are out in full-force to attract mates

MIT students bring back tradition of tossing piano off building

By , Globe Staff

After missing last year, a piano will once again fall from the roof of an MIT building Thursday afternoon to mark the last day students can drop a class.