Dugan Arnett

Arnett joined the Globe staff as a features writer in 2015. A native of Blue Springs, Mo., he is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Before arriving in Boston, he spent four years as a features and metro reporter at the Kansas City Star.

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Fewer wish to be privy to Hub’s chain of thrones

By , Globe Staff

As Cambridge hails its new $320,000 public restroom in Central Square, across the river it’s clear that time has taken a toll on Boston’s once-vaunted City Toilets.

In Plymouth, ‘emotional support rooster’ has people complaining

By , Globe Staff

Like the now-famous peacock named Dexter, Little G the comfort rooster has generated eye-rolls. But Laura Ceurvels says her rooster is different.

How an ironworker put Philly’s 25-year sports curse to rest

By , Globe Staff

Boston has its Bambino. Chicago’s got the Billy Goat. In Philadelphia, it’s the Curse of Billy Penn.

Maine bottlers say their raw water is like ‘miracle drug’ — and safe

By , Globe Staff

The purveyors of Tourmaline Springs Sacred Living Water are trying to distance their company from widespread criticism of trendy untreated drinking water.