Billy Baker

Billy Baker is a feature writer for the Globe’s metro section. A Southie native, Baker is a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, Tulane University and Boston Latin School, and teaches in the graduate journalism program at Harvard University’s extension school. He is at work on a book about jugglers.

Latest stories

Teens care for siblings as adults go back to work

By , Globe Staff

Adults had to report to real life, but their older children did not.

Allston parties hard, glad for snow day

By , Globe Staff

When a weekend arrives unscheduled in the middle of a week, Allston has a long history of charging hard at it.

In Caribou’s biting cold, you must have ‘zero’ tolerance

By , Globe Staff

No part of New England escapes winter’s wrath. But Caribou, the northeastern-most city in the US, is on a different level.

American Ninja Warrior gyms invade Boston

By , Globe Staff

Three gyms inspired by the hit NBC television show have popped up in the Boston area.