Alex Beam

Beam is a columnist for the Opinion section. Previously, he wrote as a columnist for the Living/Arts section. Before joining the Globe as a business reporter in 1986, he worked for Newsweek magazine and Business Week. Beam has authored several books and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Latest stories

Alex Beam

Don’t deplore — think positive

By Alex Beam , Globe Columnist

You can find plenty of things to not like if you look.

Alex Beam

John Kerry’s nightmare dream job

By Alex Beam , Globe Correspondent

Kerry wanted to be secretary of state, but when he speaks, it seems that no one listens.


A level playing field? Not a chance

By Alex Beam ,

Wanting a “level playing field” is the first resort of embattled status quo-niks who feel the breath of change on the backs of their necks.

Alex Beam

The Beautiful People find compassion in prison

By Alex Beam ,

Sometimes posh people go to jail. And sometimes they have something insightful to say about it.