Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender, who joined the Globe's Washington Bureau in 2001, covers the US military, global terrorism, the international arms trade, and government secrecy.

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The congressional aide who became Alan Gross’s lifeline

By , Globe Staff

Tim Rieser, a longtime foreign policy aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, kept the prisoner’s spirits and hope intact in Cuba.

Mass. delegation vexed by lack of debate over ISIS fight

By , Globe Staff

The growing US military contingent has raised new concerns that the commitment in the war against the Islamic State will steadily grow.

Obama to restore relations with Cuba

By and , Globe Staff

The decision to end half a century of estrangement between the US and Cuba followed 18 months of secret talks, and the freeing of captives on both sides.

Raytheon’s $50m will help start UMass Lowell campus in Kuwait

By , Globe Staff

The university hailed the new campus as a major step in raising UMass Lowell’s international profile.