Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender, who joined the Globe's Washington Bureau in 2001, covers the US military, global terrorism, the international arms trade, and government secrecy.

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Divided House votes to arm Syrian rebels

By Bryan Bender and Noah Bierman , Globe Staff

The vote was to arm moderate Syrian rebels against the Islamic State.

Obama to extend airstrikes to Syria, send more advisers

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

The president vowed no US ground troops would be engaged in combat in the widened campaign against the Islamic State.

Strategy in Iraq shifting; concerns steadfast

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

President Obama will need to convince a wary public and Congress that victory can be accomplished.

Meet Zelda, the unlikely ‘Dear Abby’ of NSA

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

Gripes about sloppy security, boorishness, and more flow to the spy agency’s cheeky in-house advice columnist.