Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender, who joined the Globe's Washington Bureau in 2001, covers the US military, global terrorism, the international arms trade, and government secrecy.

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel steps down

By , Globe Staff

President Obama said it was Hagel’s decision to resign and thanked his former Senate colleague for “exemplary” service.

John Kerry’s brand of Boston diplomacy pays off

By , Globe Staff

When Kerry met his Chinese counterpart, he replaced meetings at hotels and foreign ministries with an array of more personal venues here.

Military to curtail use of live animals in medical training

By , Globe Staff

The military uses at least 8,500 animals every year in its combat trauma training courses, according to a nonprofit advocacy group.

US shouldering brunt of ISIS air campaign

By , Globe Staff

As the air operation enters its fourth month, the US is carrying most of the load at an estimated $8 million a day.