Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender, who joined the Globe's Washington Bureau in 2001, covers the US military, global terrorism, the international arms trade, and government secrecy.

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Answers sought on CIA role in ‘78 JFK probe

By , Globe Staff

This year’s CIA controversy has raised new questions about how far the CIA has undermined congressional oversight.

Lynch paints bleak picture of allies’ ability to confront ISIS

By , Globe Staff

Representative Stephen Lynch of South Boston made a visit to Iraq and Turkey this week.

US intensifies Afghan airstrikes as drawdown nears

By , Globe Staff

As the US and its allies began launching airstrikes against ISIS in August, another — less public — air war was also heating up.

Stephen Lynch an unlikely hero of conspiracy theorists

By , Globe Staff

Lynch is not alone among establishment figures who want the full story about what US spy agencies knew about the 9/11 plot.