Bryan Bender

Bryan Bender, who joined the Globe's Washington Bureau in 2001, covers the US military, global terrorism, the international arms trade, and government secrecy.

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Raytheon a key in Israeli defense plan

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

Israel is looking to Raytheon to take a leading role in producing the anti-missile batteries defending civilians.

Senator Patrick Leahy shares his love of Batman

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

Leahy has been quietly co-writing Batman comic books and taking bit parts and voiceover roles in Caped Crusader films and cartoons.

Mass. lawmakers urge Iraq vote before action

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

The state’s elected representatives in Congress want a vote before any introduction of US combat power.

Plagued by diseases, aging fliers find VA unwilling to help

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff

These veterans didn’t drop Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, but they flew contaminated planes on domestic missions.