Callum Borchers

Borchers covers the intersection of business and government and the business of sports. Previously he was editor of Citizen’s News in Naugatuck, Conn. and a political correspondent for the Globe. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

Latest stories

Market Basket managers key to stores, protests

By Callum Borchers and Jack Newsham , Globe Staff

Market Basket has scheduled a job fair for Aug. 4 to 6, and among the positions advertised are store directors, or managers, and assistant directors.

Social media play key role in Market Basket saga

By Callum Borchers and Andrew Ba Tran , Globe Staff

The response by employees and customers has been fed by social media, even as some managers say they’re not tech-savvy.

Scorned Patriots wooed with ‘Rum Aid’

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

A small rum maker is mounting a tongue-in-cheek bid to replace Bacardi, which abruptly ended negotiations on a sponsorship deal.

Google Glass Road Show coming to Boston

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

A team from Google will demo Glass on Saturday at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.