Callum Borchers

Borchers covers the intersection of business and government and the business of sports. Previously he was editor of Citizen’s News in Naugatuck, Conn. and a political correspondent for the Globe. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

Latest stories

Company opens sports bar(ber)

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

Boston’s newest place to catch the game isn’t a sports bar. It’s a hair salon called Sport Clips.

Arthur T. Demoulas’s personal touch can cut both ways

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

The ousted Market Basket leader’s management style reveals a tougher side than his public image as a kind-hearted executive.

Bruins hope practice facility becomes a money-maker

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

Some sports teams are turning the places where players scrimmage and run drills into legitimate attractions.

Pro Grid League to test appeal of fitness competitions

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

The Boston Iron, one of eight charter member teams in the new league, starts its inaugural season Sunday.