Callum Borchers

Borchers covers the intersection of business and government and the business of sports. Previously he was editor of Citizen’s News in Naugatuck, Conn. and a political correspondent for the Globe. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

Latest stories

Technology tracks players’ speed on football field

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

New technology being deployed by the NFL this season aims to answer questions about player performance with hard data on every move they make on the field.


Market Basket uprising’s success hard to replicate

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

So much had to break the workers’ way that it’s hard to draw a formula for replicating the movement.

After long lull, a rush to restock Market Basket stores

By Taryn Luna and Callum Borchers , Globe Correspondent and Globe Staff

Market Basket supermarkets will burst with activity Thursday as employees scramble to return to normal operations.

Company opens sports bar(ber)

By Callum Borchers , Globe Staff

Boston’s newest place to catch the game isn’t a sports bar. It’s a hair salon called Sport Clips.