Hiawatha Bray

Bray is a technology writer for the Business section. He has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines including Wired, Fast Company and Black Enterprise. He received an Overseas Press Club award for his series on the Internet in Africa.

Latest stories

Boston tech firms, Markey, vow net neutrality fight

By , Globe Staff

The FCC may revoke a rule prohibiting Internet providers from discriminating against certain users.

hiawatha bray | tech lab

Crime time on Facebook Live?

By , Globe Staff

Facebook Live has done far more good than harm, and for every toxic video it delivers, there are millions of innocent ones.

Bose slapped with wiretap lawsuit claiming headphone app spies on users

By , Globe Staff

A new class action lawsuit accuses Framingham’s Bose Corp. of breaking a federal wiretapping law by keeping tabs on customers’ listening habits without their permission.

hiawatha bray | Tech Lab

Will the Chevy Bolt revolutionize electric cars?

By , Globe Staff

Electric cars won’t be bestsellers this year or next. But the Model T wasn’t an overnight sensation either.