Hiawatha Bray

Bray is a technology writer for the Business section. He has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines including Wired, Fast Company and Black Enterprise. He received an Overseas Press Club award for his series on the Internet in Africa.

Latest stories

Startup’s chips mimic body’s reaction to drugs

By Hiawatha Bray , Globe Staff

The chips simulate human organs to help speed the development of new drugs.

Tech lab

Amazon Fire phone merely lukewarm

By Hiawatha Bray , Globe Staff

The online giant has delivered the features you’d expect in a top-line superphone and layered in an array of uniquely Amazonian features.

Shareholder urges EMC to drop VMware

By Callum Borchers and Hiawatha Bray , Globe Staff

One of the largest shareholders in EMC Corp. plans to pressure the technology firm to split off its VMware unit to boost the company’s stock price.

FCC commissioner weighs in on net neutrality

By Hiawatha Bray , Globe Staff

Jessica Rosenworcel says there should be “no unreasonable discrimination” by Internet service providers.