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Thea Breite

Breite is the senior multimedia editor for video. Prior to making the leap to managing video, she held positions at several newspapers including as a photo editor at the Globe, the assistant managing editor/visuals at the Providence Journal, and a photo editor at The Orange County Register.

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Before moon landing, model Apollo touched down in Boston

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Back in June 1964, who could have imagined that a spacecraft would land on a speeding comet?

Hawaiian volcano lava flow slows, but remains active

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Lava from the Kilauea volcano has stalled but Hawaiian authorities say there is still an active threat. There are now active breakouts behind the leading edge, causing a widening of the flow. Lava has been pouring from the volcano since June 27th. So far it has crossed one road, toppled trees and burned a shed and vegetation, but has not yet touched any homes.

The Eiffel Tower gets a new glass floor

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The millions of tourists who flock to the Eiffel Tower will be treated to a new glass floor, creating a sensation of walking on air nearly 200 feet above ground. The $37.5 million reconstruction is likely to become a prime location for “selfies,” with the first visitors spending time on the floor turning their phones towards themselves and the glass floor below.

Hong Kong protesters refuse to leave

Hong Kong protesters refuse to leave

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Protests in Hong Kong continue after tens of thousands of people defied calls for them to dismantle their camps and return home. Demonstrations fanned out to more neighborhoods after police tried to disperse crowds using batons and tear gas early Monday morning. Riot police later withdrew. The pro-democracy protesters are angry at China for limiting their choice in Hong Kong’s 2017 leadership elections. Demonstrators used umbrellas to protect themselves from tear gas overnight and to ward off the sweltering sun as they continued their sit-in throughout the day. That gave rise to the movement’s name—The Umbrella Revolution.