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Leanne Burden Seidel

Burden Seidel is a Lifestyles picture editor and produces staff videos. She has worked as a picture editor at the Boston Globe since 1994 on Page One, Metro, Travel and special projects. She produces The Natural World and daily online photo galleries.

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California wildfires

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Drought and extreme weather have fueled numerous wildfires in California, destroying property and forcing evacuations. More than 8,000 firefighters are battling the Rocky Fire in northern California that has already scorched over 60,000 acres.

From the Archives

A scene from Pequitside Farm in 1973

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The 33-acre farm on Pleasant Street in Canton is 206 years old this year.

2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles

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This week, Los Angeles is hosting the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. About 6,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities from 165 nations are competing throughout the city in the largest event LA has hosted since the 1984 Olympics. “These games will change the lives of people around the world who are mistreated and excluded because they’re ‘different,’” said Patrick McClenahan, president and CEO of LA2015.


South Boston boys boat to beat City Point heat

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As 75,000 beachgoers enjoyed a summer day at City Point in 1931, a group of South Boston boys paddle homemade boats to beat the June heat.