Picture Editor

Leanne Burden Seidel

Burden Seidel is a Lifestyles picture editor and produces staff videos. She has worked as a picture editor at the Boston Globe since 1994 on Page One, Metro, Travel and special projects. She produces The Natural World and daily online photo galleries.

Latest stories

The year 2016 in pictures: Part II

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Photographs from July to December on a range of topics from around the world. See Part I

Amazing animals 2016

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A collection of images depicting many types of creatures around the world.

Art for the public

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A look at how artists around the world are transforming shared spaces. Photographers captured recent exhibitions and permanent works on display in various locations for all to experience.

Signs of reaction

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Emotions run high after the presidential election, as Americans and the world react to the outcome. Protests have erupted throughout the country, as the nation becomes increasingly divided in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory.