Picture Editor

Leanne Burden Seidel

Leanne Burden Seidel has worked at the Globe for over twenty years as a picture editor. She started working with the feature sections and moved to the newsroom, working on Page One, Metro and many long-term projects.

With the creation of the website, her job expanded to editing online features, including video. She produced photo features such as the Natural World gallery, From the Archives column and now co-edits the Big Picture. She curates the Globe Instagram account and works with the news team on coordinating visuals for both online and print.

Latest stories

World weather report

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A look at extreme and stormy weather around the globe. From devastating tornadoes to record-breaking heat, photographers covered various forms of wild weather this month.

Animal expressions

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A look at the interesting faces of all kinds of creatures and different forms of communication among the species.

Spring blossoms

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Bleak winter landscapes transform into splendors of color all over the world.

Cloud (Defined)

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1. a visible mass of particles of condensed vapor (as water or ice) suspended in the atmosphere of a planet (as the earth) or moon. 2. any similar mass, especially of smoke or dust.