Kathleen Burge

Burge is a general assignment reporter for the Globe with a focus on suburban stories. She came to the Globe in 2000 and has written about legal issues, medicine, education, and restaurants.

Latest stories

Overblown Facebook personas can leave friends deflated

By , Globe Staff

Studies have suggested that looking at idealized versions of our friends’ lives leaves us feeling more unhappy with our own.

Artist Roberto Mighty finds stories at Mt. Auburn cemetery

By , Globe Staff

Mighty, the first artist-in-residence at the 183-year-old cemetery, is creating a multiscreen digital multimedia installation.

More than 60 years later, a love note from a familiar stranger

By , Globe Staff

Separated by distance and time, a couple found the words to connect again.

MIT Style Lab makes clothes accessible for people with disabilities

By , Globe Staff

Zippers, buttons, jewelry clasps, tight-fitting dresses, and jackets with linings are daily grievances for anyone with limited dexterity.