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Peter S. Canellos

Canellos was named editor of the Editorial Page in 2009. The former Washington bureau chief has authored the "National Perspective" column since 2003. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Law School.

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Tonkin Gulf Resolution

50 years after Tonkin, which lessons to draw?

By Peter S. Canellos ,

As new hotspots emerge around the world, the US faces more and more questions about when and how to intervene.

Peter S. Canellos

Four voices who could help Charlie Baker woo Democrats

By Peter S. Canellos , Globe Columnist

Who in the state’s power structure might send the signal that Baker is, after all, an OK guy?

Peter S. Canellos

An inaugural speech worth waiting for?

By Peter S. Canellos , Globe Correspondent

President Obama’s ability to express himself at his second inauguration will indicate whether he’ll be able to transcend battles with Congress and really make his case to the people.


In Cambodia, the power of imported justice

By Peter S. Canellos , Globe Staff

A remarkable war tribunal could mark a new type of American diplomacy.