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Christine Chinlund

As managing editor for news, Chinlund oversees the Globe newsroom, with special focus on the daily production of Page 1. She also is the resident counselor on questions of accuracy, ethics, and taste. Over the course of three decades at the Globe, Chinlund has covered politics; worked on the Spotlight Team; served as editor of the National and Foreign desks; and spent three years as the paper’s ombudsman. She learned journalism by serving as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America).

Latest stories

The Bulger Mystique

Whitey eludes snares set by troopers, DEA

By , Dick Lehr and , Globe Staff

After a while, they called themselves “The Losers” -- this bunch of state troopers who spent 1980 trying to bust Whitey Bulger, only to suffer a series of bellyflops.


Image as dictator, tales of revenge obscure Bulger’s charm

By , Dick Lehr and , Globe Staff

Bill Bulger’s us-versus-them view of the world, and his “never take an insult” vow, seem drawn directly from the streets of turf-conscious South Boston.

The Bulger Mystique | Part 2

As brothers flex muscles, busing enters the picture

By , Dick Lehr and , Globe Staff

As the 1970s progressed, the approaching maelstrom of court-ordered school busing would test them both Whitey and Billy Bulger.

The Bulger Mystique | Part 3

Law enforcement officials’ lament about an elusive foe: Where was Whitey?

By , Dick Lehr and , Globe Staff

The near-misses of Whitey Bulger have been law enforcement’s most conspicuous failure in a decade of unprecedented accomplishment that saw the downfall of two other notorious gangsters.