Katheleen Conti

Conti is a reporter for the Globe North, where she has covered a range of regional issues, including immigration, environment, crime, schools, and government. She previously worked at the Eagle-Tribune, where she covered education and immigration issues, and was the editor of the Tribune’s Spanish-language newspaper, El Puente (The Bridge).

Latest stories

In Mass., Obama’s order creates fault line for thousands

By Maria Sacchetti , Globe Staff

Some of the 185,000 illegal immigrants in Massachusetts will be helped by Obama’s order, while others still wait.

Mixed reactions from locals on Obama’s immigration plan

By , and , Globe Staff

Area residents felt a mix of disappointment and joy as it became clear that the president would help some immigrants, but not others.

Suburbs played key role in Charlie Baker’s win

By , Globe Staff

Baker was not only able to improve his gains in conservative towns, but also in suburbs considered Democratic strongholds.

Ranks of unenrolled voters grow in Boston’s suburbs

By , Globe Staff

While the amount of unenrolled voters have grown, Democratic and Republican numbers have slipped.