Maria Cramer

Maria Cramer covers the criminal justice system, including federal and state courts. She has worked at the Boston Globe since 2004. Since that time, she has covered the suburbs, Boston Police, and breaking crime stories. She was one of the lead reporters in an award-winning, five-part series about the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Boston. In 2013, she was part of the metro staff that covered the Boston Marathon bombings and would win the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. In 2016, she spent a year on the Spotlight Team working on the series, “The Desperate and the Dead,” which was named a Pulitzer finalist.

Latest stories

Teamsters found not guilty in ‘Top Chef’ trial

By , Globe Staff

Four Teamsters have been acquitted of all federal charges of trying to extort jobs from the reality television show “Top Chef.”

‘Top Chef’ jury tripped up on one member’s presumption of guilt

By , Globe Staff

“We have a juror who is assuming guilt over innocence,’’ a note sent to the judge read. “We are not sure how to go on from here. Any suggestions would be helpful.”

Wrongful death suit alleges ‘veneer’ of security at South Boston condo where doctors were slain

By Catie Edmondson and Nicole Fleming , Globe Correspondents

The families of two doctors who were slain in their South Boston penthouse condo in May have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Teamster in Top Chef trial could get jail time for posting on Facebook during trial

By , Globe staff

Daniel Redmond, one of four Teamsters on trial, posted an article on the Facebook page, “Support the Teamster 4,” violating a court order to not speak publicly about the case.