Maria Cramer

Cramer is a reporter for the Metro section. She covers crime in and around the city of Boston.

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The Desperate and the Dead

The hidden cost of homelessness

By and , Globe Staff

Often ignored by the public, in some quarters, chronically homeless people loom like giants, challenging and sometimes overwhelming those charged with sorting out their problems.

For child sex abuse victims, court can be another place to feel unsafe

By , Globe Staff

Prosecutors are mulling ways to make testifying easier for children, but standing in the way are the state’s strong defendant’s rights laws.

SJC weighs if judge can ‘handpick’ lawyers who serve in specialty court

By , Globe Staff

The Committee for Public Counsel Services, which oversees the state’s roughly 500 public defenders, is fighting a decision by a drug court judge.

Vulgar and rude? Yes. Criminal harassment? No, SJC says

By , Globe Staff

A Rehoboth man who wrote insulting letters to a town selectman and wife should not have been convicted of criminal harassment, the Supreme Judicial Court decided.