Maria Cramer

Cramer is a reporter for the Metro section. She covers crime in and around the city of Boston.

Latest stories

Suffolk court faces shutdown, maybe for good

By Maria Cramer , Globe Staff

The proposal is part of a sweeping study of the state’s 101 courthouses, many of which are overcrowded and rundown.

Daughters tearfully recall slain father

By Maria Cramer , Globe staff

After the victim’s family gave tearful impact statements, one of the two men who fatally stabbed Richel Nova in 2010 apologized.

Two convicted of murdering pizza delivery man

By Maria Cramer , Globe Staff

The men were convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a Domino’s Pizza delivery man in Hyde Park in 2010.

2 charged with killing delivery man await verdicts

By Maria Cramer , Globe staff

The lawyer for one of two men charged in the killing said that his client only wanted “a free meal” and did not plan the murder.