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James Duffy

Duffy has been a producer for the Globe since 2006, working for the A/E, classifieds, news and overnight sections. He currently works on the breaking news desk of, covering anything and everything.

Latest stories

Just what is that military craft floating over Pennsylvania?

By , Globe Staff

The blimp-borne radar system, called JLENS, was created by Waltham-based Raytheon.

Gerry Adams won’t face charges in ’72 death of Jean McConville

By , Globe Staff

The Sinn Fein leader had been arrested in connection with the slaying of a widowed mother of 10 in Northern Ireland.


Boston Dynamics video shows robot Atlas running through woods

By , Globe Staff

The company has begun testing its humanoid robot, Atlas, outside and the two-legged creation looks like it’s making progress.

Trailer released for Patriots documentary ‘Do Your Job’

By , Globe Staff

The clip focuses on the decision not to call a timeout before Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl-clinching interception.