Kevin Paul Dupont

Dupont, a former staff writer at the Boston Herald American and the New York Times, has been a senior staff writer in the Sports department since 1985 whose specialty is the National Hockey League. He began his journalism career at the Globe as a copyboy in 1973.

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On Second Thought

Tweeting for the sport of it

By Kevin Paul Dupont , Globe Staff

Kevin Paul Dupont is tweeting up a storm while LOL’ing over the idea that Belichick and his former BFF Hernandez texted 34 times.

Meet baseball’s ancestor: England’s stoolball

By Kevin Paul Dupont , Globe Staff

Baseball in America can trace its ancestral roots to the British countryside, where stoolball is still being played.

on second thought

Throwing away his father’s things a weighty proposition

By Kevin Paul Dupont , Globe Staff

Having the muscle to let go of my dad’s weights is a different story.

Boston student-athlete thrives after early turmoil

By Kevin Paul Dupont , Globe Staff

Attacked by her knife-wielding father when still in the womb, Yonetta Harris, 18, has built a life that touches many.