Stephanie Ebbert

Ebbert has been a local news reporter for the Globe since 1997 with a focus on politics. She has covered Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Mitt Romney's campaign for governor, and the rise and fall of Massachusetts Republicans' hopes in the elections of 2010.

Latest stories

Tierney raises more money than rivals in recent weeks

By Stephanie Ebbert , Globe Staff

Campaign finance records show Rep. John Tierney has $1.3 million to pour into the upcoming elections.

New TV ad for Democrat Donald Berwick knocks rivals

By Stephanie Ebbert , Globe Staff

The Democratic candidate for governor plans to launch his second ad of the primary season.

Charlie Baker catches Martha Coakley, new poll shows

By Stephanie Ebbert , Globe Staff

The Republican’s slim lead is a first in the possible matchup for governor.

Meet the GOP’s fund-raising guru

By Stephanie Ebbert , Globe Staff

John Cook is one of the Massachusetts Republican Party’s rare success stories: He keeps on winning.