Stephanie Ebbert

Ebbert has been a local news reporter for the Globe since 1997 with a focus on politics. She has covered Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Mitt Romney's campaign for governor, and the rise and fall of Massachusetts Republicans' hopes in the elections of 2010.

Latest stories

Patrick shifts position on worker unionization

By and , Globe Staff

The governor transferred 500 managers to the public state employee union in October despite earlier concerns from his own legal team.

Governor-elect Charlie Baker names labor secretary

By , Globe Staff

Ronald Walker II is the first person of color to join the cabinet.

State GOP chastises Weld for endorsing a Democrat

By , Globe Staff

Former Governor William Weld’s endorsement in a state representative’s race earned him a rebuke from party officials.

House staff gets 6 percent pay raises

By , Globe Staff

Legislative leaders who have been reaching for pay increases instead dished out raises of at least 6 percent to their employees.