Stephanie Ebbert

Ebbert has been a local news reporter for the Globe since 1997 with a focus on politics. She has covered Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Mitt Romney's campaign for governor, and the rise and fall of Massachusetts Republicans' hopes in the elections of 2010.

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ExxonMobil fires back at AG Maura Healey with own suit

By , Globe Staff

In a battle to shut down the AG’s probe, ExxonMobil is demanding an investigation of the investigating agency.

State GOP pounces on Setti Warren

By and , Globe Staff

Here’s how protective Massachusetts Republicans are of Governor Baker, who won office two years ago by the slightest margin in 50 years.

Warren asks Trump to withdraw AG nominee or face fight in Senate

By , Globe Staff

“Can the Republicans step up and say, ‘No. No to Jeff Sessions’?” Warren asked.

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Before investigation, Bradley championed campaign finance reform

By , Globe Staff

“Transparency in our campaign finance and election laws is vital to the health of our representative democracy,” Garrett J. Bradley said in a statement in June.