Deirdre Fernandes

Fernandes covers banking and insurance for the Globe’s Business section. She has also written about Newton and the western Boston suburbs for GlobeWest. Prior to joining the Globe in 2011, she had worked for The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia and papers in North Carolina. She has written about politics, education, public pensions and salaries, and the occasional rogue tomato gardener. She grew up in Sudbury.

Latest stories

Eastern Bank brands Mass Pike ATMs

By Deirdre Fernandes , Globe Staff

The Boston bank signed a five-year contract to brand ATMs at rest-stops on the Massachusetts Turnpike and portions of Route 128.

‘Voluntary benefits’ filling gaps in insurance coverage

By Deirdre Fernandes , Globe Staff

Employers are turning to less expensive polices with higher deductibles and co-payments, and offering employees the option of buying additional coverage.

Businesses can’t claim Marathon loss

By Deirdre Fernandes , Globe Staff

It appears the federal government is unlikely to label the Boston Marathon explosions as an act of terrorism for insurance claims.

Berkshire Bank tries to put excitement into banking

By Deirdre Fernandes , Globe Staff

In the world of banking, where boring is a cherished tradition, Berkshire’s approach is as rare as free checking.