Deirdre Fernandes

Fernandes covers banking and insurance for the Globe’s Business section. She has also written about Newton and the western Boston suburbs for GlobeWest. Prior to joining the Globe in 2011, she had worked for The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia and papers in North Carolina. She has written about politics, education, public pensions and salaries, and the occasional rogue tomato gardener. She grew up in Sudbury.

Latest stories

Despite record profits, Fidelity to cut costs by offering buyouts

By and , Globe Staff

It’s unclear how many people the Boston-based investment giant wants to entice into leaving, but the packages are said to be generous.

Financial institutions see potential relief from rules

By , Globe Staff

In a divided Washington, relief from financial regulations for smaller banks seems to be gaining backers.

Liberty Mutual’s CEO earned $17m pay package in 2016

By , Globe Staff

David Long earned the 8 percent increase on his pay package even as the company’s profits faltered.

Rosengren anticipates three or more rate increases this year

By , Globe Staff

As the US economy finds firmer footing, the central bank will likely be in a position to raise interest rates at least three times.