Deirdre Fernandes

Fernandes covers banking and insurance for the Globe’s Business section. She has also written about Newton and the western Boston suburbs for GlobeWest. Prior to joining the Globe in 2011, she had worked for The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia and papers in North Carolina. She has written about politics, education, public pensions and salaries, and the occasional rogue tomato gardener. She grew up in Sudbury.

Latest stories

Red flags follow commercial real estate lending’s fast rise

By , Globe Staff

Industry officials say the competition for deals is so fierce that many banks are relaxing lending standards.


Banks use ATM apps to entice millennials

By , Globe Staff

The granddaddy of banking technology, the ATM machine, is getting the hip, mobile treatment.

Student loan debt hanging over many Mass. residents

By , Globe Staff

Almost half of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, but the cost of that education is a growing challenge, a survey found.

Consumer agency orders Mass. firm to refund loans said to be marketed deceptively

By , Globe Staff

A Westborough-based lender that offered loans for dental work will refund $700,000 to customers, regulators said.