Deirdre Fernandes

Covers the steep price students pay to earn a degree and the money behind the region’s education economy. Since joining the Globe in 2011, Fernandes has covered insurance, banking, and the economy, writing about how changes in the industry are altering the consumer experience. She previously worked for The Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia and papers in North Carolina, before returning to Massachusetts. She grew up in Sudbury.

Latest stories

Emails suggest top level DOJ officials were involved in launching Harvard investigation, civil rights group say

By , Globe Staff

It’s a sign that the probe may be politically driven, according to a legal civil rights organization.

Feds say Healey can’t sue student loan servicer

By , Globe Staff

The Massachusetts attorney general has accused the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency of unfair and deceptive practices.

Bankruptcy court settlement could bring relief to some ITT students

By , Globe Staff

Students who attended the now-defunct ITT Technical Institute would have nearly $600 million in loans cancelled under a proposed settlement.

Mass. state colleges are trying to solve a math problem

By , Globe Staff

Massachusetts is embarking on its most ambitious effort yet to shake up how community colleges and four-year state universities teach math.