David Filipov

David Filipov is a Living/Arts reporter for, covering the latest in lifestyle, arts and culture. As a Metro reporter and editor, he oversaw coverage of transportation, the environment, the casino industry, and contributed to the Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Previously, he was Moscow Bureau chief, reporting extensively in the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Latest stories

A brief history of rhyme: Gloucester musician will rap for Stephen Hawking

By and Taylor de Lench , Globe Staff

Stephen Hawking says he’s “flattered” by MC Hawking, the gangsta rapper who parodies him.

The story of a son with a transgender father: ‘My dad never changed inside’

By Taylor de Lench , With David Filipov, Globe Staff

A son recalls his estrangement from his transitioning father, and their reconciliation.

In POUND class, you drum your way to fitness

By , Globe Staff

The latest fitness craze is POUND, an intense, full-body workout that combines cardio and core exercises with drumming — lots of drumming.

How much radiation does your phone emit?

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There’s a way to find out how much radiation you absorb from your cell phone.