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Robert Gavin

Gavin is the Sunday business editor, overseeing coverage of the economy, energy, and financial services. Previously, he covered economics, energy, and media for the Globe.

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Economy improving, but still needs help, Boston Fed president says

By , Globe Staff

The labor market is not yet strong enough for the Federal Reserve to end its stimulus programs, Eric Rosengren said.

Product Reviews

When painting deck or house, consider the product and the store


Your grill (and what’s on it) may be the star of your next barbecue, but your house and deck could get less-than-rave reviews if their finish has faded.

Product Reviews

How to hear a whole lot better

, Globe Staff

Hearing aids and other devices can dramatically improve your ability to carry on a normal life.

Economy still needs help, says Boston Fed chief

By , Globe Staff

Despite signs of improvement, Eric Rosengren said the situation remains precarious, if not dire, for too many Americans.