Matthew Gilbert

Gilbert has been the TV critic at the Globe since 1998. He has also written about TV for Slate, appeared on NPR, and been managing editor at the Boston Review.

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Netflix’s electrifying ‘Narcos’ and the war on drugs

By , Globe Staff

The series — addictive, compelling, shocking, and even educational — takes a far-reaching look at the rise of cocaine and Pablo Escobar in the 1980s.

Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV Thursday

By , Globe Staff

Turns out Patti Smith has been a great fan of the surreal Adult Swim series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

Matthew Gilbert | Critic’s Notebook

We’ve seen Trump’s theatrics before — on reality TV

By , Globe Staff

Donald Trump is the first candidate to employ the tenets of reality TV and apply its train-wreck philosophy to a presidential campaign.

Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV Wednesday

By , Globe Staff

“Jesus Town, USA” on Showtime sounds sounds entertaining in a “Waiting for Guffman” way.