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Goldstein is an entertainment reporter and advice columnist for The Boston Globe and Her advice column Love Letters runs daily on and appears in The Boston Globe on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The Names column, which Goldstein writes with Mark Shanahan, runs Monday through Friday and every Sunday in the paper. She welcomes letters from the lovelorn -- and all tips about celebrities spotted around Boston.

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Cristina Alger gets support at reading for ‘This Was Not the Plan’

By , Globe Staff

The Harvard alumnus and lawyer-turned-novelist saw friendly faces at the Harvard Book Store event for her second release.

Love Letters

So who’s the doormat here?

By , Globe Staff

I became infatuated with the idea of being in a relationship with her and wanted to move forward. But she doesn’t want to hurt her doormat boyfriend.


Lucy Liu is Harvard’s Artist of the Year

By , Globe Staff

Lucy Liu will be in town to pick up the award at the Cultural Rhythms Festival at Sanders Theatre on Feb. 20.


Mass. movie ‘Tumbledown’ has small local opening

By , Globe Staff

The film, about a writer (Jason Sudeikis) who tries to interview the widow (Rebecca Hall) of a folk singer, was shot in towns such as Princeton, Groton, and Concord.