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Stan Grossfeld

Grossfeld is a writer, editor, and photographer for the Sports section. In 1984, he won his first Pulitzer Prize for photographs of the people of Lebanon. In 1985, Grossfeld won again for his images of starvation in Ethiopia and illegal aliens on the border of Mexico.

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Stan Grossfeld

Vinny Paz’s story soon to be a movie

By , Globe Staff

The former champ’s comeback from a car accident will be the subject of a movie, aptly titled, “Bleed for This.”

The Red Sox: Slivers of light at Fenway Park

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There were more shadows than light at Fenway Park this year. Although the World Champion Red Sox finished dead last this year, nearly 3 million fans watched them play. More than 230,000 more visitors went on Fenway Park tours since the Red Sox popped champagne last October. Asked if more people come to see Fenway than see the Red Sox this year, Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz who lost the last game of the season against Derek Jeter and the Yankees smiled. “The ballpark probably,” said the Texas native. “There’s a lot of people who travel to New England because there’s a lot of history here and Fenway is one of those places that’s got a lot of history. Most everybody I talk to wants to see Fenway, not me pitch.” Because there were few highlights this season we take a last look at the slivers of light, patterns and people that make Fenway a special place. Meanwhile, game 1 of the World Series begins Tuesday, with the San Francisco Giants playing the Kansas City Royals.

Brandeis coaching duo leads the NCAA in tenure

By , Globe Staff

Brandeis soccer coaches Denise Dalamora and Mike Coven together have spent 77 years coaching the Judges.

What they were thinking: Stretched out

By , Globe Staff

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.