Scott Helman

Helman is a staff writer for the Boston Globe Magazine. A member of the Globe staff since 2000, he is co-author of two Globe books: The Real Romney (2012), a biography of Mitt Romney, and Long Mile Home (2014), on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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Dear civil servants: Keep it up. No, really.

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For years you’ve been a punch line. But now, my friends, you are the most important people in America.

Bostonians of the Year

Katherine Clark: The woman who brought Congress to a standstill

By , Globe Staff

The Melrose congresswoman was sick of the silence that followed mass shootings. After Orlando, she orchestrated a bold protest instead.

The San Antonio way: How one Texas city took on mental health as a community – and became a national model

By , Globe Staff

San Antonio’s mental health care system isn’t perfect, but it actually is a system, putting it far ahead of other places, including Massachusetts.

Globe Magazine

Where the TV shows get it wrong on hoarding

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One Boston advocate has pioneered a humane approach to treating the problem that other cities are copying.