Scott Helman

Helman has been a Globe writer and editor since 2000. Currently a staff writer for the Sunday magazine, he previously oversaw the politics desk, covered the 2008 presidential campaign, and worked as a reporter, editor, and multimedia producer for the Metro section.

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Loud, messy, vital: In defense of college students

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Sure, there are some costs to living among so many students, but the payoff is enormous.

Is this the next big leap for organ transplants?

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Waleed Hassanein’s long quest to ditch the cooler and bring organ transplants into the modern era.

Aereo wants a TV revolution, if the Supreme Court will let it

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Can a daring entrepreneur from Newton and his team of technologists upend the way we watch TV? Only if the Supreme Court sees it their way.


How the Marathon bombing manhunt really happened

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In a new book, Scott Helman and Jenna Russell recount the day the city stood still.